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We often share links online. However, most of the time, sharing a long link on social media is pretty frustrating. And this is where the URL shorteners come into play. It helps us shrink the long links. However, when it comes to link shorteners or url shortener, there are quite a lot of options that are available online like google url shorteners, but Google shortener stopped so you can use the below free url shortener to shorten url.

If you’ve ever used URL shorteners to earn money, then i am confident you’d have heard about it. There are many URL shorteners today. Otherwise, both URL shorteners may be used interchangeably. Check out Rebrandly if you’re searching for a branded URL shortener. Some URL shortener even supplies you with service to stylized the link by yourself. URL SHORTENERS FOR BUSINESS If you’re searching for a URL shortener for your enterprise, below are some of the more reliable ones.

If you’re a regular social media checker and love to share things around with your friends and family, give this special post notice. Also, if you are a writer and freelance content for websites and blogs, this post is going to be a gem of a read for you! Moreover, if you’re creating a website or blog of your own and you think that shortened links are something that you should always choose to paste for a good article, don’t stop reading.

After mention, the target audience for this group if you consider that this post is going to be of any help to regarding shortening URLs, welcome aboard!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get reading!

To be able to accomplish this, you are going to want to learn where they go for information. There’s information about everything that you want to understand. If for example, your website has an application that produces a massive number of reports, an extremely active blog or a massive photo album, there is going to be a lot of links. URL shortener websites are a great means to create money on the internet. It’s possible to create an organization page related to your account.

Top URL shortener you should use to shorten long url

If you’ve ever used URL shorteners to earn money, then i am confident you’d have heard about it. There are many URL shorteners today. Otherwise, both URL shorteners may be used interchangeably. Check out Rebrandly if you’re searching for a branded URL shortener. Some URL shortener even supply you with service to stylized the link by yourself. URL SHORTENERS FOR BUSINESS If you’re searching for a URL shortener for your enterprise, below are some of the more reliable ones. So in case if you are wondering which URL shortener to use. Then there are the Top URL shorteners you should use:

Bitly url shortener


Bitly url shortener is one of the best URL shorteners that you can use. Even this one is the most used URL shorteners out there. The best part of the Bitly is that whenever you short a link with this one and share your links easily, you get the chance to track it. Like you will be able to know how many people did click on the link. And that is the reason why most of the brands love to use Bitly over any other URL shortener. Using the website is also pretty easy, create a free account after that paste your link and short it down.

Perhaps the most dedicated and convenient service, in case of URL shorteners is provided by You mustn’t have noticed it before because you were probably hooked to But honestly, this one has risen to the number one link shortener because of the utilities that it provide.

How to shorten link at

  • First copy google link that you would like to shorten.
  • Paste it in
  • Voila! Your compressed link is ready.


  • The shortened link can be tracked.
  • Click metrics can also be watched.
  • Can help in branding the short links.
  • An account can be created, and subscription can be taken for easy watch on track.
  • Free services.
  • Hassle-free user interface.


Next, you can check out the This is also one of the top url shorteners that you can check out. The best part of this one is that there is no need of creating an account. Instead, all you have to do is go to the website and paste your link. And it will short down your link for your marketing.If you’ve been familiar with this for long, you would undoubtedly know that TinyURL has been around even before Crazy right? TinyURL is another one of those free link shorteners that are used widely. If you would like to shorten your link in no time quickly, come here. This is because one doesn’t need to make an account for doing the same. Link shortening procedure as very simple and can be performed anonymously. What makes this less used is that it gives a TinyURL domain in the first part of the shortest link, which unfortunately is not very short.

Moreover, TinyURL does not provide any tracking facilities also.


  • Quick and anonymous link shortening.
  • No need to create an account.
  • Well trusted and has been around for long.
  • Can work great in times of hurry.
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However, on the other hand, if we talk about different link tracking features, well, that is not possible. But if you are someone who wants to short down a link to share it on social media and do not need extra tools. Then it is the best option that you can try out.

Another very popular link shortener is Here, one can shorten the link and track the metrics as well. But this platform comes with some other very exciting features also. If at all you’d like to schedule posts at your social media, see statistics of traffic and advice on the most favourable time to post something, is for you. Who knew a link shortener could act as cool as this one? Top 10 URL Shorteners 1


  • Quick and easy link shortening.
  • Tracking option available.
  • Advice on when to post something.
  • Helps in upcoming scheduling posts on social media.
  • Provides an option to witness traffic.



Is.Gd is also one of the best url shortener available out there. There is no need for you to create an account on the website. Instead, all you will need to do is paste your link, and it will short the link for it. It’s easy and extremely fast. However, it lacks some of the other popular features. But as long as you have an essential job to do. It is one of the best options that you can try out. The service is free to use, but there’s no analytics. There are lots of free services but I have a tendency to utilize Google url shortener.


Up next, I have the It is also one of the top URL shorteners that you should use. The best part of the website is that it offers you great user experience. However, it lacks all those link tracking features. But it has a clean user interface.
And most importantly it allows you to customize your link. Using the website is as same as using any other site out there. Also, the interesting part is that whenever you short down a link, it gives you the QR code for the link.



Next, there is the Rebrandly. This is also one of the best URL shortener tools that you can try out. You can sign up for free on the website and verify your email, and you are all done. Then paste your link and short it down. Moreover, one of the best parts is that you can also use your domain name to short downlinks.Talking about unique link shorteners, Rebrandly shouldn’t miss our list. This URL shortener provides all the necessary features as others. But talking about how it’s different from the other ones that we have mentioned, you’d be surprised to know that at Rebrandly you can always customise the domain as well. Didn’t understand? Read further!

Let us take an example. For instance, you are writing a blog post regarding the most popular eyeliners. Now you would like to link the product in your post, and this comes from Amazon. This link can be shortened to a custom eye.liner/Amazon. How cool is that?

Although the service is free for first 500 conversions, Rebrandly does ask for a monthly subscription for $29 for conversion more than those.


  • Custom domains.
  • Quick link shortening.
  • The account can be created.
  • Tracking and statistics option is provided.


This software was started in 2017 and is used by a number of users to shorten their links. However, if you have experience in programming, this software will provide an excellent utility to you. By using Polr, one can create a shortener of his own. Top 10 URL Shorteners 2

Of course, you can still shorten links, but if you would like to create your own personal shortener, here you go!

It almost does the same thing as Yourls, but the easy to handle software is something that Polr provides better, which is why more people use this.


  • Quick and easy link shortening.
  • For people with experience in programming, personal shortener can also be made.
  • Easy and user-friendly interface.
  • It is highly used since 2017 by digital marketers and developers alike.


If you are looking for an easy to use a URL shortener, then you can also check out This one is the easiest to use one so far on this list.  All you have to do is go to the website and after that, paste your link, and you are all good to go. There is no need for you to create an account.

However, one of the drawbacks is that it cannot short down links of some of the popular websites like YouTube. But apart from such sites, it works pretty fine.


For the next pick, I have the This one is also Top URL shortener you should use. It offers you quite a lot of features, and it is free to use. With the website, you will not just be able to short down links. But as well as you will be able to create pretty lovely custom links. Using the website is also pretty easy. Like all the other websites you will need to paste a link, and it will create a short link for you.

cutt.PNG is also one of the top URL shorteners that you can try out. The website is pretty similar to any other website for shortest url shortener. And it requires no account creation. Just visit the website and short your links down. It’s easy and straightforward. The site also lets you create a custom link, in addition to that you get the QR link for the link.

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If you want to earn money through short links, then you can try out The website pays a little bit of amount on each link clicks. So the question is how it works? Well, it makes the user travel through ads to the destination site. And this is how they generate revenue and gives you some percentage of it. Overall, using the website is also pretty easy. But yes, the users who will click on the link might not get the best experience possible.



In the end, I have the ClickMeter. You must use this tool if you are looking ahead to link tracking. It is one of the top tools used by large business to link clicks. Also, using the tool is extremely easy, and it offers you quite a lot of features which will help you out throughout the job like facebook marketing or twitter marketing. However, it is not free. Instead, you will need to get a subscription before using the tool. is one of the trending crypto url shortener used by any company or brand to promote their cryptocurrency. Crypto URL shortener is the first shortner which provides the best privacy for the url shortening.

This is another excellent alternative to is another very popular link shortener that is free, and you also don’t need to make an account to shorten your URL. Thus, anonymity can be maintained. Moreover, customisations are also possible in this case. A person can mention a custom phrase which will be added at the shortened link. We all love our type of stuff, don’t we? Top 10 URL Shorteners 3

Apart from this, also provides some other super exciting features. Here, a QR Code is automatically generated for every shortening that you do. Plus, the statistics provided as a part of metrics observation are very diverse. This means that here, one can observe distinct users, stats views, referrers, compression rate and even geographical information. Indeed, this platform is designed for people who like to keep an eagle eye over their links!


  • Free service.
  • No need to make an account.
  • Diverse statistics options.
  • Automatic generation of a QR Code.
  • Geographic information about the link access is also provided.

What exactly is a URL shortener?

Before diving into what URL shorteners you should choose, let’s first understand what exactly is a URL shortener and what is the utility of having one!

If we had to explain you in simple terms, we would say that a URL shortener is used to shorten any long link into a link that custom designed for you. If this definition didn’t help you let us make you understand more elaborately.

While making official or educational assignments, you must have noticed that while copying a URL and pasting it into your document, the link turns out to be super lengthy. It also has a lot of unnecessary characters and numbers at the end of it which is, of course, useful for the link to be loaded but it doesn’t look appealing while mentioning. Moreover, even if one single-digit or character from the longer part of the link get edited or erase, the link gets broken, and utility is almost destroyed.

But long gone are the times when problems occurred without a solution. In our case, Google URL shorteners are a spot-on solution to our problem. These shorteners help to remove those unnecessary xxxxxyyyyygsgshshk’s from the link that we want to share and makes the whole URL much more appealing. Also, a short URL is essential when professional articles are written and sent for official purposes.

This is the very reason why URL shorteners have made an enormous uproar. In order to shorten a link, a URL shortener like that of can be used to make it short and more appealing. By doing so, you don’t have to worry about the long link getting broken. Also, the utility of URL shortener enhances the professionalism that you portray in your article if you are a freelance writer.

Whenever you have to share something on your phone, what do you do? Of course, you don’t take your phone towards the person you want to share it with and just physically show them! But you actually send them the link of that web page on their contact, may it be their Facebook messenger or even Whatsapp. All you got to do is copy the URL and paste it to their inbox and bam; the post stands shared.

Now when you look up URL shorteners online, you might witness the prevalence of certain words like URL condenser, link condenser, link shrinker, link compressor and even vanity URL creator. But what is the difference between all of them?

Actually, there isn’t any! They are all the same. Only one can use the varying terminologies according to their own taste.

You might have also noticed some links in which a custom name such as the blog name, the website or company name or even a brand name is added in the first part of the shortened URL. This is termed as a custom or branded shortened URL which can be so made by the help of a branded URL shortener. In simple terms, it is the same URL shortener only it created branded short links.

Why use a URL shortener?

If you think why then we should tell you that the url shortener plays a major role in protecting your brand or website from getting spammed, many people use url shorteners for twitter, facebook, and other social networks. Custom url shortener helps you to get identified by the visitors that this website url explain the purpose of the url.

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URL shorteners are often used on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking posts. Otherwise, both URL shorteners may be used interchangeably. What’s more, unlike a lot of quick and easy URL shorteners, TinyURL makes it possible for you to decorate the last thing just mentioned part of your URL.

There are two kinds of URL shorteners. All URL shorteners permit you to do that. On the flip side, using a URL shortener to shorten your long links will provide you with a bit of an edge to many people your opportunity even if you’re in internet associate marketing. Last being called URL Shorteners, one of the main added benefits of shortening links is the ability to track the way your audience engages with your links.

There are a variety of different URL shorteners available on the Internet. We are going to talk about a few of those in this article. Moreover, for beginners, we’re also going to discuss the whole procedure of shortening a link. For know it alls, it’ll be straightforward, but for people who’ve never done it before, we take upon ourselves to educate you on how to shorten a link quickly using any URL shortener.

What are the main reasons that people use to shorten links?

Firstly, the simplest and the most straightforward reason is that of ease and presentability. Trust me; no one likes to watch those blue lines and other vast trails of characters in a well-written article. It distracts the reader and also plays repulsively in grabbing the interest of the reader, which is already an arduous task for writers.

Another primary reason why people prefer to shorten links is because of their brand. They like to present everything along with their tag line, which can be done with great ease through the use of link shorteners.

Thirdly, all the Twitter users swear by URL shorteners. With a limited amount of characters per tweet, it is imperative to reduce the number of characters in your link, which can become one of the most challenging things to do if link shorteners didn’t exist.

Of you are a digital marketer, URL shorteners will have altogether different importance in your life. Link tracking is something that every digital marketer is supposed to look after. Once a URL is shortened in such a way that it carries the brand in its shortened form. It can be tracked easily in the context of clicks per link.

One thing, many utilities! I guess these Url shorteners have taken inspiration from L’Oréal


What is the issue?

Now just the way Maggi pops up in our minds when we think of instant noodles, might come to your mind while thinking of link shorteners. But for people who’ve been using for some time, we’ve got bad news for you. This utility has very recently been discontinued. This means that you can’t use to compress links any more.

But why are we even talking if we don’t have a solution for you? Of course, we’re going to help you out in this regard.

This is why the next part of this article will deal with some alternatives that you can try in case you are heartbroken after listening about the discontinuation of

Final Words:

So those were the Top URL shorteners you should use. Now go ahead and check these URLs out and see which one of them is working the best for you. Also, if you have any more questions to ask, then do feel free to comment below and I will surely help you out. Currently, url shortener google is being stopped since March 30, 2019, so you can check out our top url shortener service that will help you to share your company or youtube or affiliated urls easily on the Internet.

Twitter’s 140-character limit has forced the world wide web to have a small creature in the way that it shares links. If you genuinely want a few added/more choices, you can choose to use a customized URL, and log statistics for the shortened link also. If you’re interested in using the extension, it costs nothing to download.

Url Shortener service is absolutely free to use, but there’s no analytics. There are lots of free services, but I have a tendency to utilize Google url shortener. The major service is completely free and easy to use. For instance, a service is going to be bound to all pods with a particular label within the namespace. Such services are a boon whenever you have limited space in the area you need to enter information. If you go for paid services like in Bitly, they have lots to offer you. So nobody should create another account or bother to remind an additional id and password.

Bonus Tips for Facebook Marketing

Sometimes while sharing your direct link leads to the block of your Domain in social media sites so you should be aware of Facebook blocking so we do suggest you to use the Facebook Poster app to schedule your posts with the proper interval of time and also make sure use the url shortener to Facebook jail.

So what do you think of these alternatives for Bet you didn’t know about a majority of them. Well, even if you did, you would not have known the additional features of what a link shortener can do. We hope this article helped you heaps.

Therefore, are you ready to give any one of these google URL shorteners a try?

Do you have any other software to add in this list? Comment down below!

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