Complete Guide for the Best Time to Post on Facebook

You will find it amazing to know that if you have an idea about the best time to post to Facebook then you can make your business stand out from others, which means that you can reach more and more number of audiences. The main challenge is to know the best time to post but we will try our level best in finding that.

Best time to post on Facebook

The best time to post on Facebook indicates the time when your post will have the maximum exposure, engagement and maximum reach.

Some strategies that will help you determine the best time to post

If you are really getting confused about the best time to post on Facebook then I would like to give you two approaches that will help you to determine the best time easily.

  • The moment when it is relevant – I know that this point may sound to be less scientific but the fact is that there is some content which will work best for the moment or at the situation when it is more relevant. For an instance, you must have noticed that most of the sports teams share their score on Facebook in order to update their fans.
  • When your data tells you – When you start with digital and marketing strategy then the best time is always your own. Even Facebook has lots and lots of data available for the page admins and owners. The only thing that you need to do is perform a comprehensive understanding of your own audience that exists on Facebook and also gets to know regarding your content that is how it is performing. This all together will help you in bringing more success and engagement on your posts compared to the generic studies that are drawn from the studies.

This can also be true for your business as some pieces of content will have their best performance at the time when they are most relevant. You can also relate this to the situation that the best time to share content that is related to the launch of new products tends to directly follow the announcement. Other than this if you have an advertisement on the local TV station then it’s better to create as well as share social content that exists around the same time when it is broadcasted.

Is there any best time to Post on Facebook?

The first question that might have crossed your mind is, do we really have the best time to post on Facebook. The answer to this is yes, but there is no single best time to post. Lots of studies and survey was performed and it was found that there was a wide range of results for the best time to post on Facebook. Everyone failed to find out the universal best time to post on Facebook.

As per the Buffer study, it was found out that the best time to post on Facebook is between the time intervals of 1 pm to 3 pm, but this time is suitable only for the weekdays and Saturday. And the most astonishing thing that was found is, the engagement rates are almost 18% higher on Thursday and Friday.

There are some other figures too, that were taken into consideration from the different studies. Like as per the Hubspot the best time to post on Facebook is 1 pm to 3 pm on Thursday and Friday. But TrackMaven does not agree with the above data and says that the best time to post is at 8 pm on Thursday.

If you think it carefully then you will find that the above studies are helpful in drawing a conclusion but the worst thing is that each studies points to one different best time to post on Facebook. The fact is that the best time to post on Facebook depends upon various factors which include the nature of your business, targeted audience and also the time when they are online. Instead of looking for the universal best time to post you can start looking for the best time for your business or brand to post.

Ways to use Insight in order to find the best time to post on Facebook

The first best place where you can start your search for the best time to post on Facebook is through Facebook Insights. If you want to see your Page Insights then you will have to click on the Insights option that exists at the top of your page. As soon as you go inside the Page Insights dashboard you will find that there are lots of data that are available and are also helpful for you. Well, we will go through the detailed study that will help to determine when to post content.

What can you make out from those data?

Over various app, it was seen that the audience are online almost seven days a week and there is not even a single specific day when there is any spike. Apart from all this, you can also conclude that from 9 o clock in the morning the fans keep on increasing till 4 in the evening. After which the count of the number keeps on decreasing.

There are various ways to understand this day but we need to analyze the data in order to find out the best times to post on Facebook. As per the data received we can say that during the weekdays most of the audience stays online from 9 am to 5 pm. Here, I would like to recommend you to any post anything between these hours only as it will give maximum exposure to your post. As a result, you can draw more and more engagement to your post.

Other than this it has also been noticed that some social manager has posted from 3 to 5 am in the morning. And the amazing this is that they have got some success in getting more engagement.

How to find out when your fans are online

Just from the Insights dashboard, you will have to select posts that exist in the left hand column menu. No sooner you do this, you will get a detailed breakdown of the days and tie when your fans were most active on Facebook. You will get a chart on the screen which will indicate the average time across the week. You can go over each individual day and find out how many fans were online compared to the average fan base.

How you can find out the posting times of the successful posts

The most amazing thing about Facebook Insight is that they record the engagement figures for every single post that you make on your Facebook page. You might be wondering about where to get this data, let me be clear to you that this data could be found in the same place from where your fans are present online. If you still find it difficult then you need to follow the steps as directed. First of all, you will have to head towards the page Insight then just click on the Posts and then you will have the graphs that will show the time when your fans were online. If you want some more detailed view regarding the post then you will have to select on the “Published” column which will help you to see the date and time when the posts were published to your Facebook page. This will really be helpful for you can you can easily make out of the specific day and time when the post is getting more engagement compared to others.

One thing that you must keep in your mind that if your posts are sponsored or are even boosted you’re your post will have significantly more engagement compared to the organic post irrespective of the time when it is published.

Transform your data into action

The minute when you have identified the best time to post on Facebook then only left thing is to test those predictions in this real world scenario. And one of the easiest ways by which you can do this is by scheduling your Facebook posts. This is the most comfortable way by which you can not only save some time for making your posts but at the same time, you can also make the post at the most specific time as per your desire. There are various apps that will help you to schedule your posts on Facebook and I would like to make you familiar with the working of those apps.

What to do after getting a Posts scheduling app?

Step 1:- The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is head over to the dashboard of the app. Then you need to figure out that whether you are on the free individual plan or you are the member of the paid plan which is mainly for the business and Enterprise. If you are on the free trial plan then you will have to click on connect more button which is present at the bottom of the left side of the dashboard. After that click on the page button or group button which is present under the Facebook option. But if you have access to the paid plan then you need to click on add your social account button which exists on the left side top corner of the dashboard.

Step 2:- After completing the above step you will have to set up a scheduling time for your Facebook page. Once the connection of Facebook page and buffer is done, you will have to update an ideal posting time as the buffer and schedule will schedule your content for the best times on its own.

But if you want to set up a new schedule then you need to select the social account that you would like to customize and this could be done by selecting the posting schedule option which is under the setting button. From the drop down menu which is present underneath you can select the add new posting time option and then select the day or the days that you will like to add the time to. You can not only add some specific days rather you can add the specific posting time that is weekdays, weekend or Every day. After making a selection of the time you must click on the Add posting time option. Just the time is been added to your schedule you can only modify it by changing the minutes or hours. If you want then you can also delete the time from the schedule post by click on the X button.

Step 3:- This is the last step that needs to be followed and that is to add content to your queue. If you have reached this step then it can be considered that you are all ready to start scheduling your content. The moment you start scheduling your post you should not worry regarding the best possible time to post, all that you need to do is add your content to the queue and then it would be added automatically to the next possible time slot. After that, it will be published as part of the usual posting flow.

Just focus on sharing some great content

Let me draw one scenario in front of you, just think of your Facebook friend who has got married recently. It is obvious that you will see their wedding picture at the top of your new feed irrespective of the time when they are posted on Facebook. And the reason behind it is that, whether you like the wedding photos or not but they are the great content. Moreover, as soon as they are posted they attract a bunch of people, who not only like and comment on the post but they also share them which in turn bring more engagement to your post. Just keep one thing in your mind that if you want to succeed on Facebook then your content must be of significant importance as the timing.


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