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How to share a link in a group on Facebook

Facebook is a very famous social networking site used by most of the people who possess knowledge of the internet. Facebook links thousands of people over the world. Facebook is an excellent source for sharing information and connecting to people. Facebook helps in sharing links and other media. Sharing link means you can directly go to that specific website through that link. Facebook also has groups of a large number of people which means a lot of people are together at a single place for a specific purpose. The group can be for promoting domestic goods, social cause, and religious beliefs or for some particular event. These are the various ways of sharing a link in the group on facebook that is:

sharing a link on facebook

  • Linking to a group

First of all, login to Facebook and then join any group that you want to be a part of. Open groups from the headings of the news feed. You can use a web browser’s address to direct them anywhere from the facebook page. Just copy the URL address by highlighting from the site and then paste it on the clipboard. Now you can post this link anywhere just for instance on the facebook wall. You can share this in as many groups as you want.

  • Group privacy settings

A Facebook group can have options of three settings for privacy:

  • The first one is ‘Open.’ The icon is displayed as ‘globe icon.’
  • The second one is ‘Closed.’ The icon is displayed as ‘padlock icon’.
  • The third one is ‘Secret’. The icon is displayed as ‘padlock inside a circle icon’.

The icon for such settings is displayed next to the group’s name on the front page of the group. According to the settings group, in an ‘open’ group anyone can see the posts even the non- members can see the group. In the ‘closed’ and ‘secret’ group only the group members can see the group. In an ‘open’ group anyone can easily share the link by just writing it on the wall or pasting it there from the clipboard. The link can be visible to even the non- members of the group. In ‘closed’ and ‘secret’ group only members can post, and only members can see. The link of a secret group cannot be shared to anywhere as it will be automatically disabled.

  • Sending links within a group

One can easily share a link easily by clicking on ‘write post’ and paste it there. But for this, you need to be a member. Description or link title appears as soon as you post the link in the dialogue box. One can cross this by clicking on the small cross icon that appears next to that link title. One can also write extra text along with the link. One can also attach pictures and also specifically you can tag some of the specific group members. At last, you can click ‘Post’ for posting the link. Now, who will be able to see your post depends upon the group privacy settings that whether it is open, closed or secret.

  • Posting links to specific people

When you post a link on face book, you can choose a custom option for seeing who can see the post and who cannot. The limit of the audience can be set. You can choose individually who can see your post. It is also possible to block some people from watching your story. It can all be set from the post options. It is convenient as you can select the viewer base.

To summarise it, one can follow the given procedure:

Step 1: Login

Login to face book whether through a web browser or face book application. One can easily log in by putting their email or phone number and set a password. Also, it is very easy to make a new account on face book.

Step 2: Find the group list

The second step is to find the list of groups you are added with. You can open the group’s list from the newsfeed option. There is a list of options given under newsfeed. This list has all those groups that you have joined.

Step 3: Choose a group

The third step is selecting the group in which you want to post the link or schedule the post. Out of all the groups, you have joined, select the group you want to post a link in. The group can be any as per your choice.

Step 4: Find the Link option

There you have to look for a ‘share’ button. Click on the ‘share’ button. After clicking it, you will find a ‘link’ option. If you cannot see the ‘link’ option, it means the group admin has disabled the option.

Step 5: Put the link

An input box will appear. You can either write or paste the link in the input box. After putting it there, click the ‘Attach’ button. The address you are putting in the input field should contain http://www. If you do not add this part, then the link would not work, and no viewer can open it.

Step 6: Add the description

Also, you can add the details about the link. It is obvious that one would like to add details about what the link is about and all that. Type all this information in ‘Say something about this link’ input field. You can add the description about the link and the things you want to say other than the link.

Step 7: Share the post

The last step is clicking the ‘share’ button. After clicking it, the post would be shared on the home page of the group. According to the group privacy options, the viewers will see it.

By following these easy steps, one can quickly send any link in the group. Sending or attaching a link in the post is not a big task. One can easily do it within a few minutes by following the above-mentioned steps.If you want to know why you are getting blocked for sharing the link then you should follow the safety guide steps and messure to avoid this situation.