How to schedule Facebook posts

You must be wondering how you can schedule a post on Facebook and manage scheduled job for a particular page. So we have the handy tips and app to plan Facebook posts easily and make your day awesome. Let me tell you that this could be done merely that is the admins, and the editors of the page who helps to manage your page can play a significant role in this. With their help, you can create a post and then scheduled it to publish in the future. The only thing that you must keep in your mind is that the time when scheduling will correspond to must be as per your current time zone. Moreover, you can schedule a Facebook post either through the platform itself or with the help of the social media management tool. Mentioned below are the steps that will help you in scheduling your post on Facebook. They are:

  • Make sure that you create your post at the top of the page’s timeline.
  • After that, you need to click on the next button to publish and select “schedule.”
  • As soon as you complete the previous step, then a pop up will appear that which ask for the date and time when you want them to publish the post.
  • If entire fields are fielded up, then you can click on the “Schedule” button.

Now you might be thinking that as of now you can easily schedule a Facebook post but what if you need to manage the schedule post. If you want to reschedule, delete or edit a scheduled post, then you will have to follow the below steps.

Schedule Facebook-Posts

Step 1 – You will have to click on the publishing tools that are at the top of your Facebook page

Step 2 – After that click on the Scheduled post that exists in the left column of the page.

Step 3 – After this, you need to select the post that you want to edit.

Step 4 – You will get an option to select the operation that you need to do with the post that is either edit the post or publish or even reschedule it.

Benefits of scheduling your Facebook post

There had been lots of question as of why to schedule the Facebook post ahead of time? The straight forward answer to this is, as a proof social media you will have lots of content to share, and you will find it hard to post at the right time. Hence, scheduling your post in advance will not only save your time, but it will also be hassle-free to do. Listed below are certain benefits of scheduling a Facebook post.

  • Multiple time zones – Scheduling your Facebook post in advance will always help you to reach audiences across the world.
  • Improve consistency – If you are consistent with your updates and post, then this will give an idea to your audience that is when they can expect some new content. Moreover, as a part of the suggestion, I would like to tell you to avoid breaks and pauses in the social media schedule as this will help in making the maximum engagement.
  • Build anticipation – Always make an effort to draw your audience towards the big event, product launch and announcement. And scheduling multiple messages to promote any particular development is the perfect way to build anticipation.

The best time to schedule posts on Facebook

Just keep in your mind that there is no such perfect time to post on Facebook; somewhat it directly depends on your audience that is when they like to see and engage with the excellent content. You will be amazed to know that a timely post cannot only lead to more likes, comments, and shares but at the same time, it will also give more exposure to your post. If you don’t know how to create a facebook group, then this article will help you to create a facebook group.If you are planning to close afacebook group then also we have the article to understand how to close a groups on facebook.

A survey was performed to find out the best time to schedule a post on Facebook Groups. On that survey, it was found out that around seventy-one percent of the total Facebook users visit the site every day and this figure is very astonishing as it is more than any other social network. Moreover, it was noticed that people use to login from both their mobile device and desktop but the use of the mobile device is increasing rapidly. Some exact figures will help you to determine exactly at what moment the globe receives maximum engagement on Facebook. Just check out below:

If you are talking about the best time to schedule posts on Facebook, then I would say Wednesday noon and 2 p.m. and Thursday between 1 to 2 p.m. But if you talk about the best day of the week, then I would instead go with Thursday. Now many of them will have a question of what will be the safest time of post including the weekdays, for them I will suggest to post between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Apart from all this, it has also been noticed that Saturday has got the least number of engagement for Facebook over the week. And it has also been seen that early morning and Evenings post receives the least participation in the day.

Apps to schedule Facebook posts

We all know that it is significant to have a good presence over social media, and this goes for both the businesses and the people who want to get recognized as an influencer. To hold an active social presence can be a challenging task for you without giving some amount of your time and attention. Facebook recently added the new features of Joining groups on Facebook as Fanpage. The only thing that a customer expects from the firms that they deal with is to be active online. Yes, it is seen as one of the essential trust metrics. Every social media has their different peak time, and so does Facebook have and it is that particular time when engagements are at the peak for a post. Hence, it becomes essential for you to to make your post in this specific instance of time to attract more audience.

As a result of this, the software providers have come up with the solutions that will help to make the social media posting manageable. This category of the app will help you to schedule bulk posts at once. You can do this at any time of day, and the post scheduler app will help you to post your content at Facebook on the best time of the day. The best part of the apps that are used to schedule post is that you can operate your social account efficiently. Moreover, they will also give you time to create and push more content. The main task of this app is to meet the expectation of your audience by posting the post on Facebook at a specific time.

Mentioned below are the name of some apps you can use to schedule the post on Facebook. We will also go through the detail view of the apps that are used to schedule posts.

Meet the schedule Facebook posts Apps

  • Safe Poster Safe Poster is the well known app which does not only provide you the ability to post but also helps you to join Facebook Groups and invite your friends to join the groups that you have created or joined the groups.Safe Poster is the first one which provides the ease of access and helps the users to understand it well in posting to the facebook group in the safest way.
  • HootsuiteThe app known as Hootsuite allows you to publish and schedule the posts at your preferred time in the future. You will be amazed to know that this app supports a wide range of platforms which includes the business pages, personal accounts and some other types of social activity. To enjoy all its benefits, you will have to opt for subscription charges which are just $30 for a month. After which you can enjoy scheduling bulk post at a go.
  • Sprout SocialYou will come to astonished to know that sprout social is an all in one social media posting tool which not only allows you to schedule but also post across various location. The marketing teams can use this app for their campaign so that they can promote their events and firm at a specific time in the target location. Apart from all this, the app also has a feature which is known as Sprout Social’s calendar which provides time with an overall view of what is being posted and promoted regularly.
  • BufferThe best part of the Buffer app is that it allows almost ten posts for free and with the paid plan you can enjoy all its benefit of unlimited scheduling posts. By using this app, a newbie will have enough opportunity to learn and know whether social media automation is of value or not. As the name of this app indicates that buffer enables you to select some relevant posts that you want to share. This app also suggests the appropriate time to schedule your posts.
  • MeetEdgarThe MeetEdgar is one of those common tools that allow you to schedule content across multiple platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Regular efforts are being made to add Pinterest and Instagram. Technically speaking this tool is known as Edgar and the app is the place where you meet Edgar. The main advantage of this app is that you can use more and number of content to schedule posts with your minimal involvement. And most interestingly you can also create multiple categories for the different types of content such as the promotional materials, blog posts, quotes, and question. The best feature of this app is that it makes content remain evergreen just by sharing your content over a specified time interval.
  • CoScheduleThe app CoSchedule allows you to organize and schedule your marketing. In the case of the influencer or solopreneur, it has been noticed that they might use this app only to coordinate with their blog and social posts. But if you are a business person, then you can use this app for some other marketing activities which in organizing things centrally. Moreover, it also helps agencies in organizing their project for specific clients. But if you want to enjoy all its benefits without any restriction, then you will have to opt for the premium version of this app. You will be amazed to know that the plan for that starts at just $60 a month. Additionally, on subscription of the premium version of this app, you can also enjoy the integrated calendar to manage projects.
  • SendibleYou won’t believe that Sendible is one of the best apps for the agencies which promotes social media management. But it has the standard plan for the growing agencies which cost an amount of 199 dollars for a month. It also caters plan for the small business holders which amounts to 29 dollars per month and is known as the Micro plan. The unique thing about this app is that you can not only connect to the social network, but you can also post directly to your WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr blog. There is one feature that exists in this app which enables to reach your target audience more efficiently.
  • Every postThis app is perfect for sharing your visual content across the majority of the social platform, which includes Facebook, Google +, Tumblr, etc. The best thing is that you can easily schedule posts for the time, which are most convenient for you. And most importantly you can publish on your personal as well as company pages on the Android and iOS device simultaneously. You can also customize your post that you share on multiple social platforms. This means that you can add some specific hashtags, videos, and photos for each of the social network.
  • AgoraPulseThe AgoraPulse app provides an affordable as well as social media management tool for the teams and agencies. There are two different plans one is for 39 dollars, which are known as Solos and the other one of 239 dollars that is the Enterprise plan. The main difference between each of the option is the number of social profiles that could be handled. This app supports Facebook, Instagram. Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter for scheduling posts. Now you can centrally post on all your social accounts by scheduling your posts at the peak hours and day. Moreover, you can also tweak on each of the posts to take advantage of features that are specific for all the social networking sites.


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