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How to create a Facebook page for a group?

With the advent of Facebook zero, businesses and other organisations owners are wondering on how to use the biggest social network for keeping their engagement up. Starting Facebook group and a page are the great options and these will help to keep the placement of your posts in the news feeds of the group members. In addition to this, there are various functions making which make it further easier to connect with your Facebook followers and supporters. If you have an existing Facebook group for your business or company, then you should also learn how to create a Facebook page for the same and make the most of the social media presence on Facebook.

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Creating a Facebook page for your group

You would have heard other friends in your professional circle often talking about creating and using Facebook fan pages for promoting their businesses. Read on further to find out quick and practical guide for the formation of the effective fan page where you can get a lot of likes, generate emails leads and conversions. Ultimately, this is going to help you to form and meet new business goals.

  1. Log in to Facebook.com website and enter into the pages section. Now, click on the green button of Create page. Following this, you would be required to fill in details. First of all, fill in the business category from the given options. Are you a local business, organisation, company, public figure, artist, brand, product, entertainment, or community and cause?
  2. When you feel unsure, then you can select organisation, company or institution in order to make a pragmatic choice. You would be clicking on one of the large squares corresponding to the category of your Facebook page.
  3. Following this, you have to fill in the necessary information pertaining to the initial choice you have made. For example, if someone has filled organisation, institution or business as the Facebook page category, they would be required to fill in further to choose the subcategory and then filling the name of your company or organisation.
  4. After filling in all the essential details, make sure you click on the ‘I agree to the terms and conditions of Facebook’. Now, you are all set to ‘get started’ by clicking on the same button.

Fill in the basic information for SEO and improving the visibility of your Facebook page

  • Now, you would be required to upload your profile picture. Make sure your profile picture image has dimensions of 180*180 pixels. After getting uploaded, the fan page is going to show the image with slightly lesser dimensions of 165*165 pixels.
  • You can either upload the picture or get it transferred from your website. On doing this, click on ‘save photo’ and then click on the ‘next’ button. You may also click on the ‘skip’ button if you do not want to upload your profile photo at present. You can do this later on when you have decided the right picture for your Facebook page.
  • Again, you have to fill some important information regarding your business. Keep in mind being precise and clear about the information you are writing would form a strong impression and also a long way in enhancing your business’s brand image.

Importantly, make sure you include SEO keywords, which are relevant for your business in the description. Even the profile picture you choose should be named for making it search engine friendly.

  • Then, you have fill in the ‘about’ section and set up your Facebook address. These are the subtle things which help you get better visibility and ranks in the social media search results.
  • After this, you are required to type your website’s URL. In case you have any questions with the radio buttons giving options of ‘yes’ or ‘no’, click ‘yes’ and then ‘save info’.
  • Now you have to set up your Facebook website link. It must be considered in the same way as your normal website’s link. Thus, choose a name which your customers are likely to remember; the name should be short and easy to remember.

Typically, Facebook suggests Facebook page makers use the business name which has been entered prior, even if it is hard to remember or a long one. However, it is better to consider a shorter name which people like to remember.

Now you have to click on ‘set address’ and you are done!

Admin panel

When you create a Facebook page, you are its admin by default. The page admin can see and access the admin panel. This is a panel highlighting the core pieces of information on the Facebook fan’s page. It would include the new people who like your page, notifications about posts and other things, and importantly the Facebook insights. The Facebook insights help you to know how your page is performing and what posts are seen to the highest extent and other vital information.

Apart from this, you may use the navigation for ‘Edit page’ in order to add admin and moderators for your Facebook fan page. With the use of ‘Build audience’ navigation, one can start inviting more people to the page. With this, you complete the basic Facebook page set up. And now you are ready for some real action.

Use your storytelling skills

Remember, your page’s content should be filled with interesting information. This is going to decide how successful your page becomes. As this is a crucial step, it would require a lot of time, thoughtfulness and consistent effort for updating it. The Facebook page requires to be filled with status updates, images, videos, milestones, and other kinds of valuable content for sharing useful information with your audience.You might find interesting to know where is your scheduled posts gone that you have saved on Facebook fanpage so that your fans can get them to see at the appropriate time.

There are certain status updates which can be used by various kinds of industry. Your profile photo and your cover photo, both are going to play an important role in building your brand’s image. Make sure you use the high quality and relevant cover photos having the correct dimensions. The cover picture should be 851px*215px.

How the Facebook page is going to benefit your business?

The fact is that Facebook has astounded business owners by providing unprecedented features and facilities to communicate effectively with their customers. Prior to the advent of Facebook pages and their insight features, no one would have ever imagined viewing of individual demographics for enhancing one’s fan base. Not only this, but one can also get help in the formation of the right strategies for hyper targeting for obtaining maximum effectiveness.

  • The Facebook page is not only going to cast an impact on business sales, but also on how customers perceive your business for various aspects. When you use the Facebook fan page diligently and judiciously, it would help to cultivate a stronger and more loyal fan following. These customers would not hesitate to recommend your business either on social media or also through word of mouth recommendations. So, you have a greater amount of marketing than you have thought of.
  • The Facebook fan page can be used for revolutionising and improving the customer service of your business through a greater speed of response, transparency and use of experiential knowledge in answering queries.
  • This is also going to help in increasing the sales as the customers can reach out to your page at any time during the 24 hours of the day and on all weekdays.
  • By allowing sign-ins, subscriptions and opt-ins, you can increase the value of the content and information related to your business.
  • You may also use relevant, important and useful information related to your business using your social media page. With high-quality and consistent updates, you can increase your brand’s top-of-mind awareness.
  • Apart from helping your business grow, the fan pages also help to keep your profile and personal information more secure. With the Facebook fan age, you can target more customers and you can have 5000 of your super socialites like your friends and family in the following of your page.If you are willing to create a new Facebook Group then our article will help you to understand how to setup a Facebook group easily.
  • You can use different apps for making your Facebook fan page more powerful. When you place your apps on your Facebook fan page, these can give greater functionality for serving to form connections with your customers.
  • Note that posting business updates from your personal profile may appear as spam to your friends while posting the sae through your Facebook fan page would make the information relevant and useful.
  • People do not require becoming your friends in order to like your page and get the updates from the same. This saves you from constantly accepting friend requests from people you don’t know personally.
  • It is important to use your Facebook fan page in order to post relevant and important information which would somehow give an advantage to your page followers. Moreover, you need to increase engagement and interaction with the customers and prospects.
  • Whether you are a book author, speaker, consultant, artists, musicians hotel owner, real estate professional, photographer, retails store owner or any other kind of business. A Facebook fan page is there to open up doors of opportunities for marketing using the Facebook page.

Tips to improve marketing with Facebook page

  • Use custom tabs in a diligent way and get leads and conversions

Posting in the group as facebook fan page

Through delivering unique and amazing content on your fan page, you can start using your strategies for driving more traffic, getting leads and increasing the sales. Experts suggest using 3 tabs for getting efficient solutions through your Facebook page.

While the first tab should be created on collecting email leads for the fan page, the second should capture more traffic. The third one can be for increasing your sales (giving you fans access to credit card links and more).

  • Get the badge of very responsive to messages: When you respond quickly to the messages by your prospects and fans on the Facebook page, Facebook gives you a badge of very responsive to messages underneath the cover photo of your business page. They would also specify the response rate (for example 90 percent of your response time to messages is less than 15 minutes for a week’s period).

If you are responsive but have not earned the very responsive badge, the rate of response would still be displayed under the profile picture. In case you do not respond to messages, nothing would be displayed at the spot. Having the badge of ‘very responsive’ tells your customers that you are responsible and listening to them. This helps to build the trustworthiness of your business.

  • Add Milestones: Adding milestones to Facebook page in relation to the accomplishments and achievements of your company is going to assist in building the reputation of your business. You can post the recent milestones to your timeline. The user can, later on, find these in your ‘About’ tab. In order to add milestones, click on the timeline section; then click on offer and then event plus option.
  • ‘Call-to-action’ button: the option to place a call to action button is one of the handiest tools given Facebook to the business owners creating a Facebook page. There are seven pre-made buttons like sign up, contact us, shop now, watch video, use app, and play game in the Facebook page features. You may choose any of these and link these on your website aligning with your business goals. You can link with a landing page, a video, contact sheet or homepage, whichever is most relevant in the context.
  • Custom page tabs: The page tabs are set by default as about, timeline, photos, likes and more. However, one can create custom tabs and use these for giving an advantage to your business. Basically, custom tabs function as landing pages on your Facebook page. In addition to this, these can be the call to actions featuring different things like case studies, marketing offers, or promotions for products or services you are running. One can create custom tabs by clicking on more option and then choosing from the drop-down menu, the option of ‘Manage tabs’.

It is imperative to ensure that you use high-quality content and take precautions to avoid appearing erroneous in the Facebook algorithms through typical mistakes.  Running Facebook page diligently requires avoiding errors which may lead to banning of the page due to lack of understanding about how Facebook functions.

Keep in mind, the algorithm of Facebook keep changing continuously for security or data protection reasons. Thus, one requires remaining updated and honest for making the most of the Facebook fan page.


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