How to make Facebooks posts Public

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites that help the users to increase sales, promote their products and communicate with people and connect each other. Everyone is allowed to join Facebook and share views on Groups, Fan pages, and user’s profile easily. Now coming to the matter why your facebook posts are showing private or only to you not public.

It is a headache if you find your published posts are showing private or not visible to your friends or the group’s members. So we have found out the solution why your published posts were not showing public. Facebook Privacy settings play a vital role in this to make everything public and some users forget to change the privacy settings so this problem occurs always. We have covered up every step to make your posts goes public and viewable by the members of the groups or your friends when you post a message on facebook.

Facebook posting is not difficult, and scheduling Facebook posts sometimes show that your posts are not public and only viewable by you this is because of the privacy settings made in your Facebook settings page. Sometimes because of the Facebook block, you find that your posts are not getting public and only viewable to you, in this case, you should look for the safety guides written by our facebook experts here.

facebook privacy settings to make posts public

To short out this issue :

Goto Settings page
Check Old Versions of Facebook for Mobile is set to public or not, it should be public.

Check Who can see your posts is set to public.
Now you are done, post once more and see your posts will be public. If you are unable to find your saved posts, then this article will solve your problem.

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