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Post Your Message To all Facebook GroupsAt Once!

Manage Groups and Fan pages

Safe Poster is built up with the Groups and Facebook Pages management; additionally, you can manage your all Facebook profiles from one place. You can additionally auto invite members or auto join the Facebook group.

Auto Like on Posts

You can get auto like on the posts that you have posted in the groups using our Safe Poster tool.

Post now or schedule for later

Safe Poster helps you to automate the task faster by choosing post now or schedule for later posting in the groups.

Schedule Facebook Posts

Safe Poster allows you to Schedule your Facebook Posts on Facebook Groups, Facebook Fan Pages and our tool will work 24 hours for you. Safe Poster is the best posters for Facebook profiles to increase content promotion.

Auto Comment on Posts

Safe Poster has inbuilt multi auto commenter system which allows you to auto comment on the posts that you have send in the groups easily.

Live preview of post

Our tool provides the live view as in the Facebook posts will be shown to the users of Groups, Fan Pages and in your timeline.

You can post SALE posts

Safe Poster allows you to post SALE posts on the Buy and Sell groups and also allow you to schedule the Sale Posts on the groups to grow your business.

Detailed Insights

Get the detailed reports on each post and the reports to know where the post is being published and the reactions on the posts.

Set Timing or Set Delay

You can set the timing and also the delay on each post so that Facebook does not ban you for spamming thus helps in keeping your account safe while posting in facebook group page.

100% Free Support

We do always provide you support Live chat and also Mail 24x7 hours so that you do not get confused and also learn easily about Safe Poster.

Unlimited No. of Facebook Accounts

You can add unlimited No. of Facebook Accounts in your account and start posting from them.

Repeat Posting

Safe Poster allows you to repeat the same post on the groups, pages or profiles with one click so if you want, you can repeat the previously posted message to post again.

Simple Steps to Get Started

Start Promoting Your Message at Free Facebook Group Auto Poster

Youtbers, Bloggers, Digital Marketers can drive traffic from Facebook easily by sharing their content on Facebook. Increase your engagement and gain real visitors to your website.
Besides posting on Groups, you can also auto post to the facebook page and grow your fans. Safe Poster will help you to automatically post to the facebook page that you own or liked.
Our free FB group auto poster tool built to post in all your facebook groups fast at one click by adding a unique code below the post.
No worry about getting banned for sharing as we have set the interval time to auto share facebook posts on groups. Our Facebook scheduler helps you to set timing and let your posts go on sending to the groups and pages on time.
If you have more facebook accounts then no issue our tool allows you to add unlimited facebook accounts in Safe Poster and switch between the accounts to post in the groups, pages.
Our Safe Poster is having inbuilt detecting the spintax format so that your post will be posted different in each facebook group.
Our free facebook auto poster already having the verified Facebook apps which will do the thing for you. So you do not have to add any Facebook Apps separately.
Facebook Fans loves to hear you and you can use our facebook page poster to promote your content on Facebook Groups, Fan pages and also to your Profile. You can auto share facebook page posts to groups you have joined.

Welcome to Safe Poster - Facebook Automation Tool

We love to share your Facebook posts to Groups, Pages using our safe poster.

Manage or Save your Facebook Content online also you can schedule your message on FacebookGroups / Pages / Profiles.
We made our Safe Poster easy and simple so that you do not get confused in posting your message and make your content viral on Facebook.
Our Safe Facebook Poster will do the posting while you are sleep. You can close the windows after scheduling and let our app to do the posting.
We are available 24 Hours for supporting you via Mail and our teams are ready to help you whenever you find difficulties.

Safe Poster A Simple Facebook Poster

Manage Groups,Fanpages and Profiles
Facebook group auto poster team continuously working to give the better and ease of access to our users so that they can post easily without having any trouble by following our safety guides.
Post in One Click
Our tool is being designed in order to provide the bulk action at one go, so you do not have to do many things except only settings the things up for posting at Facebook.
Expert Support
We are having an expert team who will help you all the time, in case you find difficulties be sure to send us a mail at [email protected] to reply you back fast and help you in time.
How to post to a Facebook group
It's simple, just sign up, add your Facebook account and start posting by choosing the groups or pages.
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Some common Questions You may ask always!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I need to verify my mail ?
Due to stop spam registration and protect our registration, we need to verify that you are real not BOTs.
Do I need to create app for posting ?
We have everything ready so you do not have to develop Facebook and connect, Just connect your Facebook accounts and get started in posting your content to Facebook.
Can I post where I have not joined Groups ?
You can only post to the groups where you have joined. Each group is having own permission system they are explained below : Some Group Admins do not allow members to post on their group. Some Group Admins need to approve your post before they appear in the group. Some Group Admins allow members to post without moderating member’s post.
Do You Store my Facebook Logins ?
No, we do not store your logins, we do need your Facebook logins for Generating Access Token for authentication.
How to post a poster on facebook ?
You can watch our video tutorial for understanding it better about how to post the message easily on Facebook pages or groups or to your profile.
How to post a link to a group on facebook ?
After you sign in to our Poster, you need to simply click the Link tab and then put the URL or link in the link field and choose the groups and click on Send button.
How to post video in facebook group ?
This is simple, copy your video URL and paste it in the video URL field and choose the groups you want to share and click on Send Now button and your video will be shared to all the groups. Same will happen for the fan page and the profiles.
Do I need to load my Facebook Groups ?
Once you add your Facebook Account , our system will automatically add all of your groups in your panel.
Best Interval for safe posting ?
We do suggest 2 minutes or 160 seconds for the interval, Generally, we do not mention the best interval time for the posting message as we are not the authorized Facebook person, but keeping the interval at 5 minutes or more is best.
How Many Facebook Accounts I can add ?
In the Free Plan, you can add only two facebook accounts. In the Paid plan, you are free to add unlimited Facebook Accounts.
What is unique post and unique link options ?
You can use the unique post option for the posting Unique Id will be the date n time stamp below post Unique link , do not use it as it will create random link url which will make the visitor to 404 error page
Does Facebook Autopublish works for my account ?
Yes, our unique tool will help you to get your content delivered to the groups where you want to publish and at the right time.
Is this free fb group auto poster ?
Yes, you are right you can use our tool for the lifetime for free, but if you want to post unlimited, then you need to pay a little to support our work and give you the opportunity to post unlimited daily.
How to post on facebook page ?
Once you add your Facebook account , goto home of safeposter page and then create your message, select the pages where you want to send the message and click on send now button and your post will be sent.

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