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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can post to your joined Facebook groups and you DO NOT need to be admin.
No, once you connect your Facebook account with SafePoster, all your groups and pages will be added to the program automatically.
Not at all. You don’t need to ask the admin to allow SafePoster permission to post to groups. You can just connect your Facebook account with SafePoster and start posting!
We suggest using time interval of anywhere from 3 minutes to 30 minutes when posting to your joined Facebook groups.
No, your Facebook account will certainly not get banned for using SafePoster. SafePoster posts to Facebook naturally like you would be posting manually doesn’t cause issues.

And there are many features on the app like time delay, auto pause, spintax, unique post, unique message, etc. to even prevent your account from being blocked from posting to groups, one of the main issues of posting to groups manually.
That depends on the SafePoster plan you select. We have all plans from 1 Facebook account access to Unlimited accounts access.
Yes, you can post messages, links, images and videos to Facebook using SafePoster.
No, we don’t provide any trials or free sign-ups to protect the system from abuse and prevent issues for our serious customers.

We had to do that due to too many trial sign-ups and abuse by many customers who weren’t serious about using SafePoster.

SafePoster is now only for serious customers who want to take advantage of it for business, not just for fun.
Yes, you can also auto post to buy and sell Facebook groups and post your products with pricing, etc.
You can upgrade to any higher plans later by paying the difference + $5 processing fee.