Restriction on Facebook that you should know

If you want to post in multiple groups successfully, then you should have an idea regarding the things that you should do to avoid getting blocked from posting in Facebook groups. It has been noticed that getting blocked from posting on Facebook has become everyday stuff particularly in some situation of violation. Now we will not only learn about how to start posting on Facebook groups without even getting restricted by Facebook instead of at the same time, but we will also learn about how to post on Facebook without any getting ban on your account.

Let me inform you that the Facebook restriction generally takes 14 days or you can say as two weeks in case of its first restriction. And if the same is repeated then for the second restriction, it takes around eighteen to twenty-one days. Unfortunately, if there is any third restriction, then the user gets a prompt for the verification test. You will be shocked to know that most of the users who use pseudo accounts do not pass this test.

restriction on facebook

The reason why you can’t post in a Facebook group

Let’s come across the purpose for which we are not able to post in the Facebook group. The reason why it happens is that we get blocked on Facebook. We also have a question at the back of your mind as for how long am I blocked from posting on Facebook. Let me tell you that there is no straight forward answer for this usually, they block you for a day, but in some scenario, they may also extend the number of days blocked. If something happens like this, then they will inform you of the date from which you can start using the feature again with a pop-up message as soon as you get blocked. We will not only make a list of the scenario which causes violation; instead, we will also show how you to escape from Facebook’s spam detector. Mentioned below are some of the actions that can make you get banned from posting in the Facebook groups.

• Posting at a high pace

• Posting banned links

• Sending too many group request in a day

• In case of violation of the group’s terms and condition

• Using scripts to auto add friends to the group

• Posting some restricted content

• Using the group auto post applications

If you perform any of the operations as mentioned earlier, then it is apparent that you will not be able to post in the Facebook group.

How to avoid getting blocked

If you are trying to learn about how to avoid getting blocked from the Facebook groups, then you should also have an idea regarding how to post in various groups without even getting noticed. You will find it interesting to know that Facebook’s spam detector is very much active and it is even tuned every day ensuring that its algorithms are very much likely to change regularly. So basically the main thing is that you can only reduce the risk of getting blocked on Facebook, but you cannot eliminate the risk. Listed below are some of the measures which you must perform to reduce the risk of getting blocked in Facebook groups.

• There must be reasonable intervals between your posts – You might not know that posting at high pace also will also fetch you alert that Facebook spam detector. Hence, you must ensure that you maintain some reasonable time interval between you successive posts. Just think of a scenario where you are making five posts in just two seconds, I am sure that in no time it this will automatically alert the Facebook spam detector. But if you are keeping at least ten seconds in between your posts, then it will become somewhat harder to get identified. There is a certain interval that you should maintain before posting in the Facebook groups. Like if you are posting in thirty Facebook group, then you must at least maintain a time interval of five seconds between the posts. If the frequency of your posts is sixty then try to maintain at least fifteen seconds of a time gap, this will make the spam detector algorithm hard to identify. You can easily post in a hundred groups on a particular day, but before that, you must maintain a proper time interval between two successive posts. Or if you want to make a hundred posts in a day then try to make fifty posts first and do the next fifty after five to seven hours.

• Prefer not to send to many group request – Most of the new users get into the trap of these criteria. The reason behind it is that they will start to join over fifty to a hundred groups in a day, but the scenario is not the same as before and will get restricted. Keep in mind that sending too many requests just in short interval of time will lead you to ban. If you are interested in joining more Facebook groups, then you should try to send only thirty join request in a couple of days, and if you want to add some more members, then try to repeat the process after the said time interval.

• Never post the banned links – It has been noticed that links from several websites are banned from Facebook particularly the untrusted website, competitor and other social networks websites. Some of the lists of banned links are Adf.ly, UCOZ, etc. If you are posting some of the banned links on Facebook than it is obvious that you will receive a warning message followed by a security test. If this scenario, it is recommended to visit the support center of Facebook and check with them about the kind of links that they have restricted.

• Do not send the auto add scripts – There are some scripts which will help to save you from the hustle of adding multiple members to your Facebook groups. But before that, you must know that there are no scripts which will add more than eight hundred friends without getting restricted. Thus it can be said that if you want to be successful then try not to add more than five hundred members to your Facebook group. Being in a limit will prevent you from getting blocked on Facebook.

• Try not to post the restricted contents – You will find it hard to digest but the restricted content will not only let you get banned from posting in Facebook groups, but they might cost your accounts. The restricted content means the links of the fraudulent sites or the adult sites. It’s better to read Facebook’s community standard which will help you to know the type of content that they don’t allow to post on the social network.

• Obey the terms and condition of Facebook for groups – There are certain rules of some groups, and the group admin expects that their member to follow them. Hence, you must always try to be within the rule set up by the admin of the group. If you don’t do that, then there are chances that they either report your account or they could even flag which in turn will lead to the ban of your Facebook account.

• Make proper use of the auto-posting application – We all know that this application works great in posting at multiple Facebook groups at once. When we try to say the sentence multiple Facebook groups at once, it means that you will enter the post only once and as soon as you initiate the post, then the same post will be posted to all the groups that we have selected. Moreover, it has been observed that if you post in many small groups, then you will not only get blocked from posting but on the other hand, you might lose your developer account also. It is recommended that if you are using the Facebook multiple group poster then always make an effort to maintain the time interval of thirty seconds and try not to post in more than thirty groups a day.

If you follow all the guideline mentioned above, then it will become almost impossible for Facebook to ban you from the Facebook group. If you get ban even after following all the specified points, then you must check with the support center that is made available by Facebook. This will help you to know the period and the reason regarding the ban. We already discussed earlier than ban stays for at least two weeks but getting confirmation from them will make you be in a safe side. It’s better to make your Facebook page if you want to post content for promotional purpose only. This will help you in adding any number of members you want.

Don’t worry if you fetch an error as you are not authorized to perform this action? Before repeating your action, the first thing that you must do is log out your Facebook profile from the system. After which wait for almost five to ten minutes and then try to log in to profile again and perform the same action again. I guess the problem will be solved, if Not then try consulting with the Facebook support community where they will inform you of the correct reason behind the issue. Apart from this, if possible, then they will also help out by directing the correct steps for doing that.

How to deal with Facebook “going too fast error.”

Hey, if you are getting the “going too fast” error messages than you do not need to worry much because you are not the only one who is getting this message. It has been noticed that people all over the internet are complaining regarding the same thing. After getting the problem noticed from a large mass of people, we analyzed and made an effort to understand the problem. There are some common tips, question and a fact, which helps you not only to understand but at the same time, you can also avoid the “going too fast” error.

Let us first understand what this “going too fast” error is. If you are using some Facebook feature beyond a certain limit, then there are lots of chances that you will fetch some warning, and if you continue even after that, then you might get blocked by Facebook. We can relate this scenario with our day to day life. Like if you have some extra food then are chances that your stomach may get upset, and the same could be seen on Facebook. If you are using any of its features beyond a threshold limit, then they might put you in the ban list, which in turn will keep you away from Facebook for a designated time slot.

List of the feature that comes under these criteria of having a fixed limit is adding members to your group, frequency of posts that you make in other Facebook groups, sending more number of friend requests in a day, etc.

Apart from the above issue, you will also get an error as blocked from messenger for going too fast. This usually means you were sending the message to the random people. And it may be possible that from those random people most of them have reported spam against your profile. Thus, they might have blocked from using messenger for sending any further message. In this scenario, you can still use your Facebook account, view other profile, if you want you can also comment or like but the chat box feature will be disabled. This happens to give you a warning as not to send random messages to others. And initially, they will block you temporarily and will fetch an error as Facebook you are trying too often. Please try again later; it means that you need to try using it after a certain time interval. But if you repeat the restricted operation again and again, then there might be a chance that they will block you for permanently from the messenger. Then to get your messenger active again, you will have to talk with the Facebook support community, where you will have to explain the reason behind repeating the process again and again. If they find it satisfying, then they might grant access to the messenger.

The reason why Facebook care about my frequency of post

Fact 1 – Now, we will find out the reason behind the supervision of Facebook regarding the number of time a post is made on Facebook. You will find it quite shocking to know that Facebook set some quota so that their servers do not get overloaded with the extra burden. In a study, it was found out that Facebook has kept a threshold of two hundred items per user for an hour. It means that as per Facebook any user of Facebook can never perform more than two hundred items in an hour. You might find it a little awkward that in this generation where computers are made fast there you are keeping a threshold. Moreover, it is quite interesting to know that they do these things so that their server do not get freeze and Facebook works in a non-stop manner. This is the main reason why Facebook deal with quotas.

Now, the main thing that might have crossed your mind is that not everyone spends the same time on Facebook. So, what about their quota, is that wasted or is utilized in some other place. Even Facebook wants a maximum number of people to use their application, and so they have aggregated the data based on the number of active users that are using any particular application. For instance, if there are almost ten thousands of people using an application, which is termed as ‘A,’ then the hourly quota for this application is ten thousand people multiplied by two hundred items an hour; this stands out to be two million items per hour. Hence, one can post as many items they want within this quota.

Just keep in mind that Facebook does not care about how you are posting things on your profile that is whether you are using any app, scheduler or posting manually. If you are not using the application in a trustworthy way, then there are chances that you will fetch the “going too fast” error.

Fact 2 – This could also be the reason that Facebook tries to protect itself from malicious attacks. Well, it is evident that Facebook wants you to use their software, as their business is entirely dependent on that. But at the same time, there are other organizations, businesses which may stop Facebook from providing its services to you. Hence, Facebook needs to monitor the activity on its servers not only to identify but also to protect itself from malicious attacks.

Mentioned below are the lists of the things that might get flagged because there are some malicious attacks which look just like the direct sale consultant which posts fast. They are:

  • If you are posting or reposting the same picture over and over then, you might get highlighted, and this can result in getting your account flagged.
  • If it is found that many different account holders are posting the same picture, then this may fall in the suspicious folder and only after verification, the account will be flagged.
  • In case if you are posting many images, videos and message quickly then you might get flagged.

Fact 3 – You will find it quite surprising to know that Facebook changes how it flags people and it stays even ahead of the malicious attacks. Facebook changes its algorithm without giving any warning, and this is the sole reason how it stays one step ahead of the malicious attack. If you take this sentence in other words, then you can say that even the brilliant engineers at Facebook cannot predict the flag. On an addition, this is the reason that you keep on posting in the regular fashion that you had been posting for years and months, but suddenly you will find that you are getting “going too fast” error or you might even get block together.

The thing to do to avoid the going too fast error

If you want to deal with “going too fast” error, then you will have to follow the mentioned below tips. The tips will give you a guideline so as what needs to be done to avoid the error.

Tip 1 – Try to schedule your items to post before you want to be posted on Facebook

A small thing that you need to do for this is instead of making your post directly to groups and page make an effort to schedule them with the designated time slot. Moreover, this should be done mainly if you are frequently posting either for the online party, multi-consultant sale or the live stream. All that you need to do is ensure that you have scheduled your items on Facebook much before you want them to be posted. Apart from all this, there is also a ghost album feature to plan for your posting effective, but as of now, this is not required. That means, even without considering this feature you can avoid the going too fast error.

Tip 2 – Use the original picture

We all are habituated to use the same photos again that have been posted by some other people. People are doing this as it not only saves time but at the same time it also reduces headaches. But doing so will fetch you an error, and the reason will be nothing but using the same photo again and again. You will be shocked to know that this may even flag your account on the ground of malicious attack. To deal with this problem, you must try to upload or use only your photo. If you find it difficult to get any picture, then I will recommend you to make use of any third party app for uploading a fresh image. Any new picture is highly appreciated compared to the one that has already been used in some other place. Apart from this, you can create your picture and then upload them to the STR automatically.

Tip 3 – Make use of STR party page

You may feel it as mocking stuff, but one of the easy ways by which you can avoid going too fast error is by not posting them at all. Just imagine the scenario that with your online arty page feature you can quickly put your inventory into one party page and then direct all of your Facebook groups and friends to it. No one can deny the fact that it is easy to use along with the fantastic twenty-four cross seven AWS servers. Moreover, there are 99.99% chances that your inventory will be available for everyone to purchase and to browse.

Tip 4 – Make use of the Facebook Cleanup feature

It is quite interesting to know that Facebook counts for every API request which the STR makes for your account which is assigned to your quota. This count even includes the pictures that are already deleted. It is nothing but a new feature of Facebook which is known as Facebook Cleanup. If you want to remove the picture from your Facebook account then instead of using the STR (it counts for every photo that is against your quota) to delete every picture from Facebook, you must try to eliminate the entire album that exists on Facebook. And later on, you can use the Facebook cleanup feature to remove all the dead links that exist. This will help you to save some quota for that particular page which in turn will reduce the chances of getting the going too fast error.

Above mentioned is some of that cool stuff that you must have an idea regarding the Facebook error and all. Having an idea regarding the error is also important as this is the only thing that will help you to come up something better and useful than before. I am sure that after you go through the tips mentioned above and if you follow them, then there will be less probability of getting the going too fast error. Even more, you can also find that in future you won’t reencounter this error.

How to get unblocked from posting videos on Facebook?

What if you are blocked from posting videos on Facebook or if you are not allowed posting any video to Facebook? You might feel disappointed but there are some instances when the Facebook officials do that, and this is the reason you need to be a bit cautious before posting over to Facebook.

There will be a scenario when you go to Facebook to upload video, then you can efficiently complete the process of uploading the video from your personal computer or mobile device, but at the time of posting, you will find that the post button is almost frozen and cannot be pressed. This happens only when Facebook blocks you from uploading any further videos to Facebook. This occurs only when you upload either any game trailer or a movie trailer. But before getting blocked, you will get a warning regarding that, and if that repeats, then you will be blocked. As per the norms of Facebook, you can upload only personal video to Facebook. Other than this you can only share the game and movie trailer but can never upload them. Moreover, when you try to upload a photo to Facebook then at that moment you might get an error as Facebook insufficient permissions to upload the picture. This happens when you are blocked from posting on Facebook.

Apart from this, everything has got some limit, and if have went beyond that, then they surely give you some alert message. If you are getting any alert message like this, then you must stop using the application for at least thirty minutes. You might be wondering as of how to get unblocked from posting on Facebook. Let me tell you that there are some times when you will get unblocked by its own; I mean as per the policy initially they will not block you permanently but later on if you repeat the same thing then you will get permanently blocked. It is advisable to contact the Facebook support community if you get into this problem. This will also help you in knowing the reason as of why did they block upload video from your account.

Solution to fix the blocked error

Before going into the solution to fix the blocked error let us first understand how long does Facebook block last. Generally, for the temporary block of the features, the Facebook account remains inactive for an hour after which it resumes on its own. But there are specific scenarios when a particular feature of Facebook is blocked for more than a day. In that scenario, you can find that the time till which the specific features on Facebook remain inactive will be display on the screen along with the popup message.

If you have got an error similar to “it looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast.” You’ve been blocked from using it. This is a sort of warning message that you generally get from Facebook. Below we will discuss regarding the cause of this warning message, and then we will also come across some proper solution of it.

The Cause

1. It seems that Facebook is getting tougher day by day. So, if you are posting a lot on the Facebook groups, then there are chances that they will throw you that warning. Previously, we use to get this warning only when the same is done with the schedule posting but nowadays even if you are posting to lots of groups manually then also users are getting the warning message.

2. Another probable reason for getting this error can be the third party app that you are using to schedule your post. In most of the scenario, we have noticed that using an app for making bulk post can also result in fetch the error. And if you repeat the same, then you are going to be blocked permanently.

If you don’t want to get blocked by Facebook and enjoy all its services comfortably, then you will have to go through its solution.


If you want to solve your issue, then you will have to follow the below points.

1. The first and the foremost thing that you must do is pause all the posts that are running or is about to get posted. Before you start making your next post to the Facebook group you need to wait for almost one to three hours.

2. When you are about to resume you’re posting try to restart the app and if possible then opt for the trustworthy app. The reason is that the third party app can also be responsible for getting the error message.

3. While resuming posting try to change the image, URL, and text of your post. Apart from this, you must also try to switch to some other Facebook accounts while waiting.

4. Most importantly ready out the guideline that is made available by Facebook.

Guide to hide the post from the unwanted Facebook friends

The Facebook friend list does not only include the person whom we know personally. There are many individuals who want to connect for their work extension of LinkedIn and all. You will come across certain situations when you don’t want to share your post with friends with whom you have not met personally. Here the personal posts include the weekend dinner part, an enjoyable weekend or the person who thrives just on reposting the cat videos.

To deal with this category of the friend, I would like to suggest you go with the restricted list. Restricted list is nothing but a list of friends where the people can see only your public posts. After managing a restricted list, you do not need to worry much regarding the friends with whom you don’t want to share any personal life. The best part of this restricted list is that the friends who are on that list will not have any idea regarding that. They can see all your post, which are made public in, is a usual manner.

How to determine, whether you have been restricted on Facebook or not

It’s not that tough to determine whether your Facebook friend has restricted the amount of info that you see on his profile or not. Make sure that you don’t get confused with the blocked and restricted list. In the case of the restricted list, the user can still see their public posts along with some of the posts that are on the mutual friend’s page. But in case of the blocked list, you cannot view anything. Follow the step to determine whether you are on a restricted list or not.

• Visit their profile – The first thing that you need to do is visit their profile if in the case asking your friend point blank is not an option.

• Gaze at the space which stays at the top of their profile – This is nothing but a gap which exists between the public as well as the private post. Keep in mind that if you have been put in the restricted list, then it is apparent that you will not be able to see the private post, which makes a space created there.

• Check if posts are public or not – You can quickly toggle between the posts and find whether the posts are made public or not. If all the post is public, then it ensures that you are not viewing their private post, which in turn means that you might be on the restricted list. But what if they have already decided to make all their post public in nature, in that case, it will be difficult to determine.

• Look for the lack of content – If you are not able to see photos or other content means that you have been put in the restricted list.

• Ask a mutual friend to go to your friend’s timeline – In case you are not able to view the recent as well as old posts then you must contact any of your mutual friends to look into their account if they could also see the same time like you then you are not in the restricted list.

Tips on how to start posting on Facebook groups without being restricted by Facebook

No one can deny the fact that nowadays Facebook has become one of the most practical and essential things that you can do to promote your business. With the increasing use of this application, it has also become necessary to know about its rules and regulation, so that you can work comfortably without getting blocked by Facebook.

• Allow some time to pass between two consecutive posts – Irrespective of the cause, that is whether it’s a productivity rush or because of enthusiasm but it has been noticed that users end up posting the same content in multiple Facebook group or pages at the same time. This is one of the critical behaviors that may get you in trouble, as the “Facebook Sheriff” is constant in search of this kind of Spammers. You might be wondering as what needs to be done if you want to post the same content in several other Facebook group and pages. If you’re going to perform this, then you must maintain a few minutes gap in two consecutive posts. This will help you to avoid the warning message by Facebook. This approach is an excellent one to avoid been marked as suspicious by the site.

It’s challenging to wait for the time interval so that you can post to other Facebook group and page. Instead of this, you can opt for the scheduling app, which you help you to post at the designated time slot. And the best part of those apps is that they allow you to post on multiple Facebook accounts all that you need to maintain is the time interval between two consecutive posts.

• Create original content – You will find that all the community managers who work with Facebook and have relatively good experience in preventing blockage suggest in providing original content to the post. And it is also one of the most important strategies to avoid blockage by Facebook. Most of the time it has been noticed that the administrator is blocked and the reason that stands behind it is nothing but the image, which they use, are from the Google search result and are the one which is already marked spam. The thing that happens behind the scene is that the picture that you are using from Google is the one that has already been posted on Facebook and marked as spam. So, whenever you are trying to sharing the photos, then your post will automatically have all the complaints which the photos already had.

Apart from all this, it is crucial to check that the pictures that you post on your site are an original one. It will be even better if you can use your creation to the post. Moreover, keep in mind that the warning message, which you get, is not just limited about posting your original photos; rather you must use text from your mind instead of copying from Google. Any sort of file, which is shared by the majority of people, is likely to mark as spam, and it applies to the links and content that you have shared. Hence, it’s always better to be on the safe side by creating your original content.

• Make it personal and reduce tagging – Try to maintain as much privacy as you can do among your friends. Before adding anyone, you must ensure that you know who those people are. This will help to reduce the risk of getting your post marked as spam. This, in turn, will help you to increase the credibility in the long run.

Moreover, if you keep your Facebook conduct based on real links, then it will help to prevent Facebook from reading your post as Spam. For instance, it has been observed that majority of the people sends random requests to like or add their Facebook group and page. This can result in Spam complaints because the other side of the Facebook user doesn’t know why you want to add them.

Apart from this, you must also avoid some other behavior like adding people to your group without their permission. Other than all this, you must also try not to tag the people who are not present in the pictures. If your only purpose of tagging an individual is to show the post then instead of tagging you can mention that individual in the comment of that post.

• Understand the working of Facebook – The only reason why we skip reading the help section on Facebook is that it’s long and can make an individual fall sleep immediately. So after reading the entire help section carefully, we found some of the most crucial things which ensure that we are using Facebook correctly.

Rule 1 – Never use the name of the business for the personal account

Make sure that you never prepare a human profile with the name of your business even if you have some good thoughts behind it. Like posting and participating in a group on behalf of your company. Instead, if you want to use a business account, then you need to create a page under your account.

Rule 2 – Every individual can have only one Facebook account

You might not be having an idea that as per the policy of Facebook not a single person can have more than two Facebook account. If you want to link your business to Facebook, then the only thing that you can do is create multiple pages for your business. This will help your customer to contact you directly. Moreover, if you want, then you can also add multiple email address along with multiple links in the Facebook post so that the customers don’t find any difficulty in contacting you. If you want some more information regarding the personal biographies and the business page, then you must review the Facebook terms and policies.

• Stop Facebook from blocking your account

There are many behaviors of Facebook which can not only be annoying to someone, but it can also threaten the existence of your account. If you want to stop Facebook from blocking your account, then you must not send any friend request to the people with whom you don’t have any connection. If you are adding to only those people who recognize you, then it will be fine because if you send a random request, then Facebook asks users whether they know you personally or not, if the majority of them select the option as No, then there are changes that your profile is marked as Spam. Moreover, as per the policy of Facebook, you must not promote your business on someone else business page. This is the part of unethical behavior, and thus the account manager will not even think twice before marking your account as spam. There are lots of things we need to consider so that Facebook does not block unknowingly. It is also recommended not to use any private messages for making promotion or else there is a probability that you can be reported by the recipients as the unwanted notifications.

• Beware of Saboteurs

Unfortunately, you will come across lots of people whose mindset is not the same as others and will always try to harm you or your Facebook page from one way or the other. This may even result in getting blocked by Facebook. We all know that it is very easy to mark someone Spam on Facebook and due to this many users takes the undue advantage of it but marking their competitor page as Spam on Facebook. These people mark other page spam intentionally without any proper reason. Thus for those sort of profiles, it is recommended to visit their profile personally and report them by making a click on the three dots that are present in the top right-hand side of Facebook. After completing the entire process, you must contact Facebook to explain what happened. And this could be done just by using the institutional links that are available at the bottom of your page.

• Try to prevent Facebook from confusing you with a Spam-bot

In a recent study by a business specialist, it was found that the actions that you perform on Facebook can let you marked as the Spam-bot. You might feel confused with the term Spam-bot; let me tell you that it is nothing but an automated program, which is created mainly to mimic the human behavior on the social network. What happens if Facebook marks you as a spammer? The first and foremost thing that happens is that they will prevent you from making any comment on others Facebook page. Apart from this, if your scenarios are more severe than they can also stop you from liking anything in the social media platform. This happens only in case of the excessive malfunction of the Facebook policy. This will make you feel that you are in jail because you cannot perform any operation on Facebook. The only thing that you can do is view others timeline, and even that will be limited to a specific timestamp.

If you want to avoid this entire problem, then the only thing that you can do is control the speed at which you like and comment on other posts. This will not only help you to reduce the chances of getting detected as Spam, but it will also control the traffic information that is regulated on Facebook. If users do lots of things on Facebook in a short interval of time, then there is a chance that it can collapse.

• Prevent from doing crazy posting

During an interview of the professional community manager, when it was asked regarding the frequency of publication that one can do daily without getting blocked by Facebook, they said that it’s better to go with a maximum of five to six posts daily. Just remember that it is not essential to tell your customer every minute details of your business on the Facebook page. Facebook page is just a medium that will help or invoke the viewers from visiting your website. This is the only place where they can have more details regarding your organization or business, and it will depend entirely on their wish.

Whereas, on the other hand, another professional community manager said that it’s better to post only once or twice a week for engaging a better audience. Moreover, one thing that she also mentioned that the frequency of the post depends on the nature of business, organization or post that you have. Thus, she suggests for experimenting and finding out the ideal rate of the posts as per their response of the audience. Make sure that you do not saturate the follower’s timeline just by making several posts in a day. This will make your page a direct invitation of getting it marked as flag or Spam. And a message will pop like our system thinks your post is spam.

• Always provide your accessible and permanent information

If you are submitting your genuine and accessible information, then there are lots of changes in getting more number of followers attracted to your group. You can say that it is one of the fresh ways to welcome your new followers that wish to join your group. The primary motive behind providing genuine information is that when the information is required than at that particular moment users can find out who you are just by clicking on the information section provided on your page.

This is one of the best things, which will help you in getting new followers without getting blocked by Facebook. The users after going to the information section will feel somewhat comfortable in interaction with you. The reason behind it is that now they know with whom they are interacting. No one can deny the fact that only one good paragraph is enough in the about section which can make the user like your page. Apart from this as the owner of the Facebook page, you must remind people about the things that you do and what’s unique on your Facebook page. If you follow all this, then it will not only welcome new users but will also finish in convincing some potential followers.

• Use the short link to link your site

If you are prepared enough to use your website link in the biography of your page, then try to use the modified link. In other words, try to use the shortened links as it helps in staying away from the sight of Facebook sheriff’s. We all know that posting the same link on multiple posts and Facebook pages can make you fall in the category of the spammer. As a result, you might get a warning or even blocked by Facebook. Hence, it is widely recommended to use to the shortened links to your biography page. There are lots of websites that help you in shortening your website URL so that Facebook cannot mark your URL as Spam. Name of some of those websites is goo.gl, wp.me, bit.ly, etc.

If you follow all the tips mentioned above, then I can ensure you that Facebook will not be able to block your account. Using the above tips will be more helpful instead of ignoring and putting your entire effort in vain.


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