How To Change Facebook Page To A Group

Facebook is the most popular social networking site present in this generation. Facebook is a website that allows the people who have a profile and connect with their friends family colleagues and even with strangers; they don’t know online. It is a social networking site in which allows the user to post pictures music videos articles et cetera and share them with the world.

There are a great many Facebook groups out there, so it’s not difficult to discover groups identified with your own.This methodology will possibly work in the event that you have enough dynamic groups, no less than 100, generally other gathering administrators won’t pay heed to you.

convert page to group

It allows you to send messages and stay in touch with your friends, family, and colleagues or even make new friends. It is available in different languages and features where you can create group pages a business account et cetera.Jeff Goins made the 500 Words Challenge to strongly encourage people to compose each message per day. Members get a day by day composing post, and they can join the Facebook groups he made to post their results and give power to one another.

This way of doing things develops the two: Facebook gathering and Email list. You can use Facebook advertisements, Facebook live, this way many different systems to develop your gathering. The ones I talked about here are the attempted and tried–and low spending hacks however. Attempt these for the present and try different things with different procedures later once you have (more than two, but not a lot of) groups.

You can maintain a page on Facebook to promote yourself as a public figure or your brand; organizations etc. and use many features such as adding business hours interactive apps more information about your page gaining a community of followers creating a fan base who follows you on like your page.Make sure you follow the Facebook rules so that you do not get blocked in Facebook as Facebook have strict spam policy which make you crazy that your account is being blocked.

Steps to change the Facebook page to a group

Here are some adequate yet straightforward steps you can follow:

  • First, create a Facebook group that has the same name as your Facebook page. You can do so by clicking “more” on your homepage which is next to the group’s tab. Now select on the option create a group, and now you’ll be required to enter the group’s name and introduction as well as your contact email for the group in the making.
  • Customize your group to be an open group. This will help in allowing new members to request an invitation as well as make your group content visible to the public. It will give your group exposure and will attract new members. You can only invite your own Facebook friends to be in the group. Your followers will have to join the group on their own.
  • To let your followers know about the group, you need to copy a direct link to your Facebook group and share it on your Facebook page. The direct link to your Facebook group will be posted on the page along with the details of the group. Continue to share it with your followers until you acquire a significant amount of group members who belong to your Facebook page.
  • Your Facebook page fan base or followers will be migrated to your Facebook group. You need to change your Facebook page to a Facebook group will be fulfilled. Now you will be able to interact with your followers as well as fans on the group itself. The Facebook group will make your interaction more personal and stronger.

The best part of changing the Facebook page to a group is you can have a stable relationship with your followers and fans that can now interact with you daily. The group’s users can now take part in the ongoing discussion related to your brand or whatever or whomever you are promoting. It creates an equal platform for everyone who wants to put forward their thoughts. You can also close the group if you find that it is not suitable to your fan page.


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