Best Facebook Group Marketing Tools 2019

According to various studies related to social media, there are nearly 2.19 million active Facebook users around present around the globe at present used facebook group for essential digital marketing tools to promote their content.

Therefore, Facebook is big and it is having facebook group for business, indispensable and highly preferred platform for reaching out to people and helps in building a community. Brands and users are present in large numbers on Facebook. Facebook is continuously evolving and the brands are making all efforts for keeping up with the changes. Moreover, marketers are searching for smart and precise Facebook marketing tools for achieving their goals using our list of marketing tools and techniques.

Facebook Group Marketing

It is important for a business to recognize Facebook internet marketing tools to reach marketing goals. While some businesses may be looking forward to increasing the followers, others may be focusing on hyper-targeting of the Facebook campaigns and customers. Irrespective of one’s goals, it is useful to have the best tools for one’s Facebook marketing campaigns.

Read on further to have a look at the various free Facebook marketing tools one can use for successful handling of Facebook campaigns.

Top Facebook Group Marketing Tools Business:

It is a free facebook poster tool which comes in my mind when you are looking for the Facebook Group marketing tool for Facebook advertising. Safe Poster is having the features of spintax which make the content unique also provides the safety to their users by providing the unique post and the unique link feature. Users can join multiple facebook groups and invite their Facebook friends to the groups. Digital Marketers can promote the product or service in the facebook groups using this marketing tool.

This is one of the popular group marketing tool and highly effective analytics and social media management tool. This not only helps with Facebook marketing through ads but is a vital tool in the management of the ads. Moreover, one gets ads for targeting the right people for getting conversions.

Through Hootsuite, one can convert Facebook ads for getting real leads and conversions are on the top of analytics. One can learn about the audience and device methods to engage the audience in a better way.

Post Planner
This tool helps in smart management of post engagements. With its use, one can find, plan and post a lot of content. The recommendation engine on Post Planner identifies high-quality content having the likelihood to generate a lot of engagement. One can get the desired reach in a lesser amount of time.
All the engagements have a data point assisting in getting better over time. The tool can be used for planning the publishing calendar. Make sure you keep your account safe as you should know about the restriction made by Facebook, don’t think that posting too fast will not block your facebook account.

This is one of the best Facebook marketing tools, especially if one requires running and management Facebook ads. The app offers several features as well as web interfaces. The Facebook page or a website can pull a lot of traffic with the use of Qwaya. In addition to this, one gets an efficient Ad creation workflow.

The campaign can be scheduled for running at particular times of the day. Moreover, one can optimize the performance through pausing ads which are not effective anymore in rendering the required results.

Agora Pulse
This is one of the simple and highly effective tools assisting the management of content and engagement on Facebook profiles. This tool not only allows for the scheduling and publishing of posts but also in monitoring engagement and activity for enabling social listening at group marketing.

The Agora Pulse barometer is employed in the analysis of the Facebook pages and also for comparing one’s Page with that of the competitors’. Agora Pulse offers many reports for assisting you in the tracking of the facebook posts to make your facebook group marketing effective. The app also offers the provision of workflow collaboration features for different teams.

Timeline Contests Agora Pulse
This is one of the best Facebook marketing tools if you want to carry out quizzes, sweepstakes, and photo contests on the Facebook timeline. This app helps in filtering engagement. Moreover, it sorts out the comments and likes for providing a better insight. You can run any types of contests, for any number of times and on any number of pages managed by you.

This tool allows for the creation as well as effective management of the Facebook Ads campaign. The tool assists in the automation of the processes for optimizing, analyzing, and creating complex and specific rules in the execution of the Facebook campaigns.

These have a high A/B testing capability for helping you to create different variants of the Facebook ads. One can focus on the key metrics by using customizable dashboards.


This is a highly popular Facebook management platform used for scheduling of posts. The Buffer provides for an easy-to-use interface and is preferred by both small and big businesses. It allows for a browser extension which can be seamlessly integrated with WordPress, Chrome, and several other tools for finding the right content for distribution. In addition to this, the tool also provides for insights and analytics on the post reaches, likes and the mentions.

This is lead generation software which has become highly popular with Facebook marketers. The app is empowered with a set of tools serving specific purposes. All these are collaborated and used together for obtaining complete solutions for the management and automation of the Facebook ads. Driftrock helps quick and easy creation of ads. Moreover, the variations can be tested with a breeze. Ultimately, Driftrock helps in the management of Facebook ad campaigns.

This is one of the simple Facebook marketing tools assisting one to optimize the performance of the Facebook or other social media page. This generated valuable report is easy to implement insights. One of the insight operations comprises of rating the page between 0 and 100. The greater the score, the better is the page’s performance. Other Facebook pages are scored and compared with one another. One can get a lot of information from the top performing pages. Likealyzer converts various Facebook analytics into an actionable report.

This is one of another easy-to-use social media management and scheduling group marketing tool which is highly useful on Facebook. It helps in recycling of the updates over time. In other words, it helps in optimizing of the Facebook post automatically. Using the web plugin, one can connect with Meet Edgar.

This app not only helps in scheduling but also monitoring of the posts. Moreover, it has an auto-refill queue feature for the saved Facebook post. This tool is valuable for saving a lot of effort and also generates a lot of leads and make your facebook account safe.

Social Oomph
This is a useful social media marketing tool for users who want to improve their reach and check audience insights to have a greater number of followers. This tool can be used for managing a countless number of Facebook accounts. It is equipped with automated features for scheduling publishing updates. Additionally, the tool is useful as it can also help in setting up of self-destructing and time-bound updates on the Facebook profiles pages. Moreover, the tool can help users in keyword tracking.

This one for the best Facebook marketing tools equipped with Facebook editor assisting one in modifying and building up of the Facebook pages. Using Pagemod, one can customize a Facebook page with custom tabs, high-quality and relevant cover photos, and create content for increasing engagements. One can create Facebook ads for reaching out to the audience to be using targeted tools coupled with powerful analytics.

Drum up
This is another Facebook group marketing tool assisting in the convenient and easy management for Facebook marketing. It is equipped with a smart workflow enabling one to review, optimize, create, and publish posts on a profile rather quickly.

It is very convenient to schedule the posts using Drum up. Furthermore, the posts can be customized with emojis, hashtags, @mentiosn, and GIFs. It helps in the tracking and measuring of the Facebook engagement with its social media analytics empowered with j intuitive analysis.

Social Ads Tool
This tool is a Facebook marketing partner assisting in the management of Facebook ads. The social ads tool can boost as well as optimize the Facebook pages and ads automatically. Not only can one schedule the various campaigns at different times, but one can design and test a lot of ads with various as audience segments. The in-depth ad analysis and the reporting features assist the user in understanding many aspects of the Facebook campaign.

Facebook Ads manager
The Ads manager is a Facebook tool helping to create and manage Facebook Ads. This is a tool for assisting in the targeting of the right demographics or right target audience. Apart from this, the tools help one is getting the budget to manage costs.

There are various reporting tools helping one to understand the performance of the Ads. Moreover, you may pause any ad using the Ad manager for optimizing of the campaign.

Fanpage Karma
This is one of the versatile tools used for Facebook management. It helps in composing and publishing a post in a convenient manner. Moreover, you get valuable insights into the postings. You can use this tool for the monitoring of an unlimited number of pages and profiles.

The App users can analyze the activities of the followers and fans. Moreover, Facebook Karma can analyze and compare the key data on various pages including the ones belonging to competitors.

This is a cloud-based Facebook marketing software assisting one is getting qualified and real-time leads. It helps in analyzing the social internet data enabling one to arrive at better decisions. Socedo may be used for identifying prospects. It has a valuable lead monitoring feature helping the marketers to track lead behavior. Marketers can gain a lot of benefit with its detailed reports.

If you want to get more leads from Facebook marketing, Heyo is the perfect tool for you. It would help one in creating sweepstakes, hashtag campaigns, and contests, and one can also use pre-made templates. Heyo is aimed at driving more engagement. The app also helps in getting more user-generated content with its various campaigns. It is a great tool for creating awareness about products and brands.

If you are seeking a highly powerful platform for giveaway and contests in the facebook group, then Shortstack is the right choice for group marketing tools. This tool helps you building and publishing of the campaigns. It is unique in having the ability to integrate email analytics and campaign analytics in a single platform. It helps you in giving real-time insights on the shares, view traffic sources and much more. It also assists in the generation of lead generating landing pages.

Social Bakers
This is an AI empowered social media facebook group marketing app with a set of various tools. One can get a comprehensive understanding of the audience and use it for building a lasting and valuable relationship with customers. This is a benchmarking tool helping you in analyzing the performance with respect to the competitors.

It also works as a post-promotion tool through its Artificial Intelligence as it assists in deciding the post which must be boosted. Ultimately, it improves post promotion strategy and checks below for more digital marketing tools and techniques.

Sprout social
This Facebook group marketing tool is another marketing tools examples helps you in forming relationships. It renders useful data assisting one in making better decisions for starting and monitoring of social conversations. This app provides Facebook insight data having analytical tools. Moreover, it helps one in the understanding of Facebook impressions. The impressions data can be segregated on the basis of location, gender, and age in order to achieve a target in a better way.

One can use Facebook marketing tools for reaching out to prospects and customers in an efficient manner. These can help you to start conversations and build relationships. You can track and analyze the performance of the posts and schedule them so as to make the most of them.

The right Facebook tools can be used for targeting the customers, enhancing visibility as well as reach. This also helps in getting a greater number of conversions on Facebook. One needs to test the tools in order to find out the ones which suit your business needs in the best way.

With so many Facebook users sending posts on Facebook, it is an indispensable and huge platform for one’s marketing requirements. The massive pool of Facebook users is a great reason why you need to use Facebook for connecting with them. The tools are vital because Facebook organic reach can almost be considered to be dead.

Without using any tools or boost, you would find that less than 0.5 percent of the followers would be able to see your updates on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook has been reducing the visibility of Facebook business pages in the past many years. So, if you want to promote your content in an effective way at Facebook then you will get your target audience. Facebook marketing helps in converting a greater number of conversions

Choosing the right Facebook tool for your digital marketing strategy, this also helps your influencers in sharing your Facebook ads. I recommend using safeposter for increasing engagements.

With the targeting tool, you can get amazing insights and results. It helps to tap the recent trends in consumer behavior and use innovative ways of life event targeting among few benefits.


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