How to Change Language On Facebook?

Facebook has one hundred percent took the top place in the game of social media. You can connect with your friends, family, and acquaintances. On this online platform everyone, today has access to the internet and have a Facebook profile.Facebook is one of the top social network that you have find and signed up in Facebook.What about the language thatyou love ?

People who speak different languages also use Facebook. Facebook offers you away to change the language default English to your preferred language. People go through a lot of confusion when it comes to changing the Facebook language because the foremost thing is they don’t even speak or know the default language that is English.

To avoid any further confusion, regarding how to change the language on Facebook and For meeting the needs of the growing International users, Facebook has provided hundreds of languages to choose from here are three simple ways buy you can change Facebook default language to your Preferred language.

Here is a tutorial curated with adequate yet straightforward steps you can follow to change your Facebook language to your preferred language.

Change Facebook language when you’re not logged in

Facebook Language selection

  • Open the Facebook website on your web browser. Follow this link: www.facebook.com
  • You can still change the default language into your preferred language. Click on the language option.
  • All the languages will be displayed on the screen. Choose your preferred language and select done. Your language will be changed.

Change the Language on Facebook from Your Profile Page

Types of Facebook Language

  • When already logged into Facebook. Go to your profile.
  • Select a small box located at the bottom of the left corner.
  • Some languages will be displayed. To change your language, choose your preferred language from the given options.
  • In case you do not find your language click on the symbol that appears next to your current language.

Facebook languages

  • This will display some additional options for languages.
  • Select your preferred language from the listed ones.

Change facebook language

  • Then confirm by selecting the change language option. Your language will be changed.

Change the Language on Facebook from Your Account Settings

Facebook setting

  • There is an alternative option where you change your language for facebook group posting, click on the small arrow in the upright corner.
  • A drop-down box will appear with several options on your screen. You need to click on the settings.
  • The settings page will get opened. Now select the language tab on the left column.

Facebook language setup

  • Select edit on that language tab. A drop-down box will appear
  • There will be several language options displayed. Select your preferred language from them.
  • Now, to keep that language selected click on save changes. Your language will be changed

Change the language on Facebook for an Android phone

Change the language on an Android phone

  • Open your app and log into your Facebook account.
  • Click On the top corner an icon with three horizontal lines.
  • A list of options will appear under the title General. Select the 6th option called Language.

change facebook language on device

  • Now a select the sub-option gave called device language and Click on it.
  • List languages will be displays on your phone screen. Select your preferred language from it.
  • The select option will be saved. Your language will be changed.


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