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Facebook groups are a kind of closed circle of people using Facebook for sharing common interests and keeping in touch with each other by discussing. If you are a brand owner you should setup a group on facebook to help your followers or users or fans to discuss and understand their views.Various kinds of groups may be created by different people and these can be focused around topics, businesses, books, or for selling items locally, and also for giving exclusively membership sites, and support groups. These enable a group of people to interact on the chosen topic.

Organisations and businesses use the Facebook groups for promoting and informing their customers about the various products, services, updates and other events being held by their company.

Creating a facebook group

Facebook groups help the businesses to form a network for building customer relations and for developing brand ambassadors by posting their content or scheduling their posts on facebook. These can also act support hub for helping out customers.

Things to consider while setting up Facebook Groups

It is advisable to have a defined goal and the target audience prior to setting up a Facebook group. These are the two important factors assisting you in configuring your Facebook Group. Moreover, it is going to help you in getting achieving what you desire from the group. You have to decide whether you want your group to be public or closed.

Apart from this, one has to decide whether you need the group to target for a particular location. There is a requirement of having a person dedicated to handling the comments and queries.

You may be overwhelmed to think about the number of details you require putting in the group. But, when you follow the procedure step by step, things would be more or less sorted if you already made the decision. Overall, setting up a Facebook group is going to help your business or organisation in the long run.

Creation of the Facebook Group

  • If you are using the desktop version of Facebook, all you need to do is log in to your account and click on the upside down triangle sign placed at the top right of the screen. Out of the various options shown, click on the create group.
  • If you are using the mobile version of Facebook, then tap on the three-lined symbols of the menu on top. Now tap on the groups, followed by manage and then create a group.
  • After this, you have to assign a name to your group and then add people.
  • If you are having own fanpage then you can join your groups as Fanpage.
  • Lastly, you have to select the privacy settings, which can be closed, secret or public.

Choosing the Facebook group settings

When you have chosen a relatively neutral topic like books or TV shows or when your products cater to one and all, it is best to choose a public group. Settings can be made closed if the group is dedicated to a particular demographic or target audience. In the case of contentious topics like politics, it is better to have a secret group of friends and discuss your views in a safe manner.

Admin and moderators for Facebook Groups

The creator of the group is also its administrator by default. There can other domain and moderators for a group too. Admins have the highest amount of control on a Group; they can add and remove other admins as well as moderators in a group.When your group gets bigger, you can add more admins and moderators for your group.If you would like to close a group then better you try our suggestion and tips in closing your facebook groups easily.

A well-managed Facebook group has the potential to provide great results for your business.


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