How to Find a Saved Post on Facebook?

Often, we find interesting posts on our Facebook feeds while browsing through Facebook and wanted to save the post on Facebook. Just a click on the post and all the details are there like saved post. But, it may not be possible to see the complete post at all times and you may want to save it for viewing later that might be same in saved posts on the facebook app.

Facebook, being one of the highly popular platforms has a lot to offer and new features are being added each day. Whether you like to browse through the photo and videos of your find or you are looking for selected items on sale, or want to share your thoughts, every activity helping to make a network and express your views is present in this social media site.

Saved posts on facebook

Facebook has become the go-to the site to where people can enjoy a complete interaction with the friends and people known to them. Apart from this, content providers and media houses also use Facebook to share their content with the public. Saving the content on Facebook which you found useful can help get a great overall experience and productivity.You can save posts from full Facebook like groups , Fanpages or any one share in their timeline.

Saving posts on Facebook

There is a very handy button on Facebook assisting the users to save posts, which they want to read later on. Moreover, you may want to share the content of the post at a later time. There are times where one does not have the time to read or schedule a post in a particular time and when sharing through the page is difficult. At such times, one can simply use the save feature.You can also save the sales post of facebook so that you can check the sales posts later from your saved post.

For saving the post, one has gone on the post, and click on the inverted triangle or carrot symbol and when the menu appears, click on the save feature.

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How to retrieve these posts later on?

The posts can be later on accessed simply by going to the ‘saved’ posts present in the top of the left corner of my Facebook page on the desktop version’. If you are using the mobile version, then click the ‘more’ option in the left hand menu to find ‘saved’ posts button.

This provides one access to all the Facebook posts and articles which have been saved. In order to view the posts, you may either click on the headline in order to get the details of the story.

In other cases, one can share the post on the timeline page or the Facebook page you manage by clicking on the ‘share’ button.

The save feature helps one in finding posts which could be easily lost in the newsfeed while you were  scrolling important information which you found useful and interesting on the last day. You may have wanted to share the post at a different time on an occasion you deemed fit. You can save posts, videos and events appearing the Facebook newsfeed at any time.

Deleting saved post

If you want to remove or delete a saved post, you just have to go to the saved posts in the top left corner of your screen. Now click on the three dots symbol adjacent to the post which you require deleting from saved posts. When the menu appears, select ‘unsave’.

Saving a post if very useful and you can manage what is contained in this, simply through a few clicks.


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