How to View Scheduled Posts on Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is important as well as a popular platform. It allows users to be a part of Facebook without even paying a penny on Facebook. On Facebook, you can build your communications, promote your brand, organization as well as you can build a community.You can opt to schedule each post for a certain time on a particular moment. Even when you have your posts scheduled to go out automatically so you don’t need to think about them, you still need to check your page every day. Deleted posts cannot be retrieved. To begin with, you must compose a new post, and save it like a draft.

Facebook merely was like other social media tool that allows an individual to connect with other individuals on an online basis. Over the last course of years, Facebook has expanded its ultimate branches in the field of business as well as Communications.

You can use SafePoster for Scheduling Facebook Posts

It brought many prospects and gave people a platform, where they can grow and prosper as well as connect to the world.

Using post scheduling Feature on Facebook

Recently Facebook came up with a new feature of scheduling a post. The feature is a lifesaver for people who regularly post online. It allows you to post on Facebook even when you are busy somewhere you can also use the app to schedule posting. All you have to do devise a post and put it on scheduled time.

So, that it can get automatically posted on your Facebook page you can customize your own settings and you are done. This feature has the ability to post which were scheduled by us on a certain time

Benefits of Scheduling a Post on Facebook Fan Page

• Scheduling a post on Facebook fan page says a lot of time rather than taking time out every day to post on your Facebook fan page it allows you 2 schedules and gets it done at once.

• Your posting schedule will be under your control as well as consistent for attracting the audiences on your fan page. To not let your busy time affect your fan page handle the scheduling post feature is a lifesaver.

• You can create your content in advance as being consistent with Facebook is not the only thing. You also need to be fresh. With the feature of planning a post, you can easily plan to post for weeks and months with advance planning.

Steps To View a Scheduled Post on Facebook Fan Page

• Log into your Facebook page and to find the post you wish to view click on the publishing tool present on your dashboard. You will find the post you want to view.

  • To view the scheduled post or in case you want to edit that post you are viewing. Click on the “to do” list present on the post you are viewing.

  • You need to click on the button present on the right side of the post you want to view. Click on edit/view. By clicking now you can view the Facebook fan page scheduled post as well as you can edit it accordingly.

  • The scheduled post will be displayed on the screen. In case you want to edit it. Click edit and modify the text or the link, change time or day etc. and when you are done click on confirm.

  • In order to view your edited scheduled post of Facebook fan page you can do so by clicking on to do list anytime.

The feed is going to be posted to your FB page. Some content might appear appropriate on particular days or you could simply find Instagram images prepared for the weekend in queue. It’s always wisest to schedule your content ahead of time and have a particular strategy for your FB marketing efforts. The ideal way to do so is to provide relevant content that attracts user engagement. This one will allow you to share your social media in lots of ways.


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