What is spintax format ?

Let us first understand what Spintax is. It is an article generation way of doing things and does not have any relation to the creation of a new one. The word Spintax is composed of two words i.e {This is|That is} Spintax that are spinning and (the set of rules for forming language). Here, spinning is a type of choice used by the user when they need more and more number of articles on the same topic. In other words, you can say that it is nothing but different copies of the same article or same words. The copies that you get by spinning an article are not only (like nothing else in the world) but at the same time, it is also picked by different search engines. And the term (the set of rules for forming language) represents a particular format or structure in which the spinning article is created. More than that, you can also say that Spintax is a way by which you can many differences/different versions of the same article, and this is possible only when Spintax is processed just by rotating the software.

What is Article Spinning?

Article spinning is a process by which an usual document is arranged using the special set of rules for forming language of spintax, which makes use of some different phrases and words in the document. You will be shocked to know that there are different real/honest users of spinning articles. But if the process is performed without proper care and (ability to do things very well) then the article which you will be getting, as a result, may not sound like that of natural English. The process for the creation of the spintax documents is known as turning articles. In the process, the words are replaced by their (words that mean the same thing) or any similar-meaning word or phrases. Mainly spintax is used to get backlinks, and the article which is created by you offers the (raised, flat supporting surface) by which you can easily create an anchor link to your site.

Article rewriting or Article Spinning is the procedure of re-writing articles to produce new “original” copies so that they can avoid copy content issues that may result in a problem from engines like google when article promotion your site.

Spintax can be termed as one of the widely used techniques for creating unique content. In layman terms, it is basically a particular format or a syntax, which is put to use in order to create spun material to be used further at website submission.

There can be as many syntax formats as there is software or services, that are available in the market and are further used to spin the writing material, including the one you would use on Facebook. So basically, it is not a new content which is churned out but different variations of the same content. The desired result is achieved by changing vocabulary while the original meaning being conveyed remains unchanged.

how to make spintax

Whаt іѕ thе Sріntаx fоrmаt?

The spintax format can be used in the below format as we or our users are using to make the unique format of words and the articl.If you want to get the alternative of words then this website can help you like we have used the alternative words of Going and get many substitute words.

Some of the examples are as follows:

{wow | awesome | great}

Whеn thіѕ еnсоdіng іѕ nеѕtеd, іt mау lооk lіkе thіѕ:

I am {going | moving} {towards | close to} {School |Church | Hotel}.

So if you use the above then your message will be like as above in the below format lines.

I am going towards School
I am moving close to School

In short our spintax will be formatted by taking any one from the or mentioned words like it will take either going or moving towards and the senetence will be completed.

I am going or moving towards or close to School or Church or Hotel

Users of article spinning services or software, create multiple copies of the same content which are unique in terms of word formation. Now, this new content, because of being unique gets is fit for use on by website as complies with requirements of ‘searchability’ on various search engines. The technique is quite helpful when you need a lot of the content on the same material with the purpose of creating backlinks.

Use of Spintax in Social Media Automation

One of the most important factors to think about while running an automation service is spinning a text and content. If you are publishing the same content number of times without these of spintax, then there are higher chances that your account will get red highlighted. But with the use of spintax, you are not going to face any (problems, delays, etc.) like this. In case of (way of writing, reading, and watching news, opinions, videos, etc.) like Instagram, if you want to get the best result, then you need to spin your content so that you can get auto comment and auto direct messages. More than that, even your account will pass through the (more than two, but not a lot of) checks of Spintax method.

Spinning Article: The Concept & Use

Let us start with the basics to understand the process well. You might have done it manually several times. For example, finding synonyms, that can fit in, without altering the meaning of the original word or phrase in any way.

Now imagine having spintax tool like spintax generator software or Alternative Word Finder, that too automatically in no time can make your words or sentence do faster. And this way you can spin any number of write-ups you want easily and pretty fast at a click of a button.

Below is the tutorial video of Safe Poster app which demonstrates the use of Spintax format

The uniqueness is directly proportional to the amount as well as the type of spinning done. As discussed, the sole purpose of the activity is to generate as many backlinks as possible. This is achieved by submitting unique and acceptable content at the following places.

  1. Submitting the content at the blogs and websites using spintax tool.
  2. Submitting unique material to the various content directories.
  3. Submitting to the various blog networks.

Process of Spinning of Spintax

It is a general article which has been (translated/put into secret code) with the help of spintax so that they can produce some almost the same but (like nothing else in the world) documents. The resulting document depends on the size and different level check of the original one. In the case of the spintax article, there could be more than hundreds of difference/different version of the same article and this is all done by the process known as linear spintax.

Now, let us try to understand the gist of the content spinning concept with the help of a live example.

Let us start with a particular sentence of an article:

Travelling is a fun activity.

Now, when fed to a content spinner, here’s how it will come out

Voyaging is a fun movement.

See, how it has transformed without affecting the original meaning of the sentence in any way.

Here’s how it is created via syntax spinning

(Travelling | Voyaging) is a fun (activity | movement)

That allows us to use the words separated by the pipe symbol can be used in various permutations and combinations to draft a new sentence each time.

Travelling is a fun movement.

Voyaging is a fun activity.

Voyaging is a fun movement.

All the above sentences convey the same meaning as the original one on the top and yet they are unique in their representation and choice of words.

Spintax Types

spintax format

The type of Spintex is totally dependent upon the type of service that is being availed. Basis the same, we have the following variations

  1. Simple Spintax: It is a format having a single level of spinning. The example shared above perfectly fills the bill.
  2. Nested Spintax: Nested Spintax is an extension of the simple Spintax with more complexity. It has two or more levelled spinning. It is generally recommended, not to go beyond four as this can possibly crash the system with its load.
  3. Optional Spintax: Here the few words in the sentence are termed as optional and hence can be left out safely by the software in the final copy.

For example: The best { overall | general } result.

See, how the pipes are placed here, the first and the last ones, have no word to precede or succeed them. This means that the two words inside the brackets are optional and hence, can be left out.

So we have the final variations as under:

The best overall result.

The best general result.

The best result.

Spintax nested

You will be amazed to know that Nested Spintax is a way by which you can create another choice within the other choice. For instance, the spinning processing begins with a rewrite of a sentence, which means that we can easily have more than two sentence difference/different version. If everything is done in a proper way, then you can create as many as thousands of article with the use of linear spintax processing.

The format followed by Spintax

The spintax format which is used by most text spinner makes use of the pipe character and keys; this helps to (translate/put into secret code) a list of other choice from where you need to select any one. For instance, good|great|higher} {but in case of the nested spintax, the (the set of rules for forming language) is completely different.

What does the term Spun mean?

As soon as you find the word spun, you can understand that the content that you are seeing is not an original one. Instead, it is just a result of some almost the same document which has gone through the spintax process. The process can be done in two ways, that is either manually or with the use of an automated spintax generator.

What do you mean by Spintax Modular?

The spintax modular came into the market with an idea of article turning to the new height along with solving many other common problems. Usually, in the creation of Spintax documents, there could be thousands of differences/different versions that could be suggested. And if the documents have around 100,000 words then finding a mistake could prove out to be a difficult/scary job. More than that, it can also consume lots of your time in just fixing the problem. The main approach behind the modular spintax is to split a document into different other parts which cannot be reordered randomly but can have a different version for the whole modules. If you want to increase the chance of (like nothing else in the world) output, then all that you need to do is just some blocks into the article.

How to decide/figure out whether the spintax article is (like nothing else in the world) or not

In the case of most of the spintax software they make use of thesaurus which helps to provide (words that mean the same thing) in the article. Even though you will have to create the article with a copy, you will have to review them. There is a different online tool available by which we can check, whether the article is (like nothing else in the world) or not. The goal is to get complete hundred percent (like nothing else in the world) articles, but in no picture/situation, it should be less than seventy percent. The number of spintax articles which is to be created depends on the complex difficulty of the original document.

Determining the uniqueness of the spun content

Majorly Spintax programming makes the use of spinning the thesaurus to supply the equivalent words. Be that as it may, even in the wake of producing the duplicate articles, there is always a need to go through them thoroughly.

You can make use of the easily available online devices like plagiarism finders to check if the part of the write up already exists online before actually submitting it to the relevant blog, website or the article directory. The standard of uniqueness required and acceptable is somewhere around 70% genuine content as checked through the plagiarism checker tool. However, one must aim for the 100% unique content for better visibility on the submitted platform.

The multifaceted nature of the Spintax decides how often you can resubmit a similar article before part of it moves toward becoming copied or used earlier already, thus making it obsolete.

Can Spintax be applied on the hyperlink?

The main plan/purpose to use spintax is to get backlinks, and you must know that even the hyperlink does the same thing for us so why to leave the hyperlink behind. Turning a backlink is the same as changing the words as well as phrases. But make sure that you check the format of the hyperlink otherwise you will get backlinks which may do not work. The best thing that you can do is avoid the use of more keywords and the URLs which are a bit longer.

What to do with the hyperlinks

As discussed in the very beginning, the sole purpose of churning and spinning the content is to create unique write-ups in order to get more and more backlinks from different platforms of submission.

Hence, the hyperlinks are also spun the way the normal word or phrase churning is done. Keep a close eye on the format of the backlinks that are generated post spinning as the process might make them obsolete. Avoiding the use of long URLs and multiple keywords can effectively help the cause.

The Final word

The sole purpose of a Spintax strategy is to churn out a unique content each time, for your social media posts on Facebook or other platforms. These not only get accepted, but are equally capable of garnering good ratings on the various search engines as well.

As a tip, if possible, try to manually spin every phrase or a complete paragraph. In the case of longer articles, you may do it after a gap of every two sentences. Also, don’t completely rely on the software and do the proofreading of the final content yourself, in order to avoid mistakes and misconstrued sentences.


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