Best Useful Apps for Improving Facebook Strategy

There are many excellent apps for Facebook pages used for improving the Facebook strategy. Facebook is forcing its users to install the messenger app if they are interested and want to use chat. There are different types of Facebook apps like Page mode, Facebook shop, Heyo, Short stack, Tab site, Wish pond, etc. Approximately there are greater than 42 million Facebook pages and around 9 million apps as well as websites are integrated with Facebook. Variety of Facebook page apps is available for different purposes which can be used in various applications. There are Facebook tab apps, facebook page app suites, Facebook e-commerce apps, Facebook quiz, Facebook promotion apps, etc. It is not necessary that every app are suitable for different business needs but after the selection of perfect and right app for the required business need saves much time by making the process automated. The Facebook integrations and apps on the Facebook page is the smartest way for increasing the customer engagements.

improving facebook marketing strategy

The Facebook page provides the excellent promotional opportunity and for it customization of Facebook plays a key role which can be possible through amazing tools which can be easily used for hosting contests, selling products or creating the polls etc. The different types of customizing apps for Facebook are such as

Creating Tabs: It includes different apps such as Pagemodo, Tabfoundry etc.;

E-Commerce App: The e-commerce app includes Shopial, Storenvy, Shopify, ecwid etc.;

Sign Up Forms: The sign up form has Constant Contact, AWeber Web Form, MailChimp FacebookIntegration, Rafflecopter etc.;

Job Postings: It is a recruiting app which includes Work4, Jobcast etc.;

Sharing Updates: This app is frequently used for sharing various video, audio recordings live or other information and it includes various apps such as You tube App, Symphony, dlvr.it, Appreplica etc.;

Hosting Contest Apps: This app on the Facebook page used for multiple contests, quizzes, photo, Sweepstake etc. and it includes different apps for it like Shortstack, Wishpond, Social Promotions, Votigo etc.;

Polls & Surveys: It includes Polldaddy, Survey Monkey, Poll on Facebook etc.;

All-in-one Apps: The multipurpose all-in-one apps include Woobox, Ripe Social, Antavo, 22 Social, Tabsite etc.;

Misc Apps: It includes Décor, Live Chat, Hootsuite Analytics, Fan of the Week, Tradable Bits, Canva etc.

These varieties of useful apps used for the Facebook page makes it outstanding for getting more and more leads, promotions, increases customers participation etc. The various types of valuable promotional apps for the Facebook page are as follows:

E-Commerce Apps for Facebook :- Under it different apps are available used for selling various products which are –

(a) Shopial: Users can advertise their products or can create ads and can also get reports too, it connects the user’s online store to Facebook. This type of e-commerce integration app helps the user to pull through their product listings from Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy and there are lots of unlimited sites and integrated customers can easily shop directly from the Facebook page.

(b) Facebook Shop: Through this app, products can be sold directly, on Facebook page app and customers can easily go through the process of check out.

(c) Storefront Social: A Facebook store can be started by using the storefront social app. Seller can add products on the Facebook shop and can also attract customers for shopping by customizing offerings as well as can publish it on business page and for operating it , a check out system can be created.

(d) Coupons: The e-commerce based platform on the Facebook page,can really do wonders thus increasing the revenue and beneficial for those companies which are product based and uses online platform or base for sale of products. The coupon attracts the customers a lot.

Poll Apps & Facebook Quiz :-

(a) Polls setup for Facebook:- For setting up of polls with the app polls for the Facebook can be completed within few minutes. The customized forms can be created and result charts can be prepared after expanding the reach.

(b) Polldaddy: The poll daddy has integration with the Facebook and it allows poll daddy to conduct surveys, polls or quizzes through the Facebook page.

Customer Services apps:-

  1. Facebook app Zen desk: It allows the customer to create, edit, manage and share the tickets from one centralized location.
  2. Live Chat: Integration for the Facebook pages, it offers the option of live chat through which user can easily chat with their customers, and there is an opportunity of website visitors, to log into chat with their own Facebook accounts.

Promotion and Contest apps for Facebook:-

(a) Shortstack : By the use of short stack app for the Facebook page, user can create or build contests, campaigns and promotions for Facebook. With the use of short stack customers participation can be increased by the creation of amazing contests, sweep stakes, landing pages etc. when these contents are directly integrated with the Facebook page or various other types of social platforms.

(b) Woobox: It allows creating coupons, sweep stakes or contests for the Facebook pages. A campaign can be easily installed as an app for Facebook page and one can easily start with the readymade campaigns to get started. It can easily beautiful quizzes, polls, giveaways and many more. The Woobox campaigns engages with their audiences anywhere they are and they can participate in campaign through pop ups, websites, mobiles etc.

(c) Wishpond: For the creation of social promotions apps for the business on the Facebook, it offers 10 apps which make the process easy to run photo contests, video contests, sweep stakes campaigns or referral promotions.

Contact Form and Facebook E-mail Capture apps :-

(a) AWeber: This app allows the user to have sync with their email market campaigns to their Facebook pages and can capture leads through quickly and easily placing Aweber app form on the Facebook page.

(b) MailChimp: User can grow their email list and share their campaign by the integration of mail chimp with their Facebook page. User can easily run the mail chimp app on the Facebook pages once it is integrated with their Facebook pages.

Tab Apps on Facebook:-

  1. Tab site: The Facebook Tab site app allows the user for building the promotional tabs for the Facebook which includes various things like video, contests, sweep stakes or lead capture. The user can easily create tabs in few minutes. The promotion apps are quick and easy to build in minutes, unique and can easily create customized tabs for web, Facebook pages and mobile etc.

Different types of promotional apps are –

  1. Premium Apps: It includes coupon app, photo contest app, drag & build app, form & survey app, video contest app, landing page app, you tube free app, essay contest app, form & survey app etc.;
  2. Standard Apps: This promotional app includes twitter app, product show app, photo show app, Insta gram apps, Pinterest app and photo gallery apps.;
  3. Free Apps: It includes timeline contest apps, image promotional app, e-mail sign up apps.

Tab foundry: The tab foundry campaign app is free with a Hootsuite account. It offers the easiest way for creating a customized tab or building contest on the Facebook page. It also provides blank canvas with the natural, handy drag & drop widgets.

Page modo: The page modo app is used for the creation of custom tabs for the Facebook page. One can easily create professional Facebook tabs for their business as well as they can add a welcome page, offer coupons, show maps, feature their products, etc.

App Suites on Facebook Page:- (a) Ripe Social: It offers 11 apps for building customized Facebook page. It provides an affordable way of making a custom brand on the Facebook page. (b) Heyo: For the creation of campaigns and contests for the Facebook page with customizable templates, this Heyo app is used.

Video Streaming Apps for Facebook:-

(a) You Tube Tab: It allows the users to display their latest you tube channel’s videos in the tab on their Facebook page.

(b) Livestream: It allows the user to stream live videos from their Facebook page. It allows sharing videos and helping in tracking the performance if the users are broadcasting TV show, conferences, educational lectures etc. The live stream app on the Facebook page, is used to post live audio recordings and to post live video recordings and informs the customers directly from the Facebook page.

Facebook Fan Apps:-

(a) Fan of the Week: The fan of the week app for Facebook page gives awards or points to their fans based on their liking activity as well as it also provides the list of the biggest or highest fans.

Posting Apps and Facebook Scheduling:-

(a) Safe Poster’s Scheduler: The Hoot suite’s scheduler app helps the users for controlling their timing of outreach, post at best times of the day as well as it also plans campaigns well in advance thus saving the time in the process for posting in the groups. The users can quickly post on their Facebook page or multiple social networks.

Review Apps and Facebook Testimonials:-

(a) Tradable Bits: The tradable bits allow the user to collect the information about their fan’s demographics, interests, purchase history, contact preferences and friends on the Facebook page.

(b) Boast: The boast app makes easy for collecting and displaying the customer video reviews as well as testimonials on the Facebook page. Users can share their customer’s feedback which they have collected on their Facebook pages easily.

Analytics Apps & Facebook insights :-

(a) Hoot suite Analytics: This app helps in understanding the discussions happening around the users brand together with the analytics. It also helps in tracking their performance, can watch the trends, gauge sentiment or can join conversations.

(b) 76Insights: The users can filter the posts and can share the best content performance on the Facebook page. The 76Insights app also helps to know about which posts or articles will resonate mostly with their audiences.

(c) Hoot suite Insights: The users by using the Hoot suite app, can analyze, measure and share the impact of their social media effort and thus it would help to know about the Facebook activity, can measure the team’s performances and can also create real-time reports.

Facebook Recruiting Apps :-

(a) Job cast App: It allows the user to create and build career branded sites within their Facebook page and can make the social sharing automated.

(b) Smart Job Board App: With the help of the recruiting app on the Facebook page, the smart job board allows the user to create a personal branded page on their Facebook page which features the job from their main or significant job board.

(c) Work for Us App: It is the most useful and beneficial recruiting app on the Facebook page and it also allows the users to post the jobs and can directly hire from Facebook.

(d) Work4: The work4 recruiting app permits the user to recruit directly from the Facebook page, and quickly notifies the user with the qualified or the deserving candidates.

There are many different apps which every business needs on their Facebook pages and one thing is common in best business Facebook pages is the use of Facebook apps. Some of them are –

(a) Page Yourself: The page yourself app allows the user to choose pretty templates for maintaining the branding.

(b)Set more App: The set more app is the most excellent tool, for the appointment scheduling with the customers right from the Facebook page.

(c)Groove: The groove app offers the Facebook integration which turns the customer interactions on Facebook into tickets and slot is one of the greatest ticketing applications.


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