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Pilot Poster is a useful Facebook group auto poster, which is intended to enable all the Facebook users to limit the expense and spare you a ton of time in connecting with your desirable interest group on Facebook. We know how stressful, tedious and costly it is to deal with your online profiles. With Pilot Poster, posting on groups without any hassle, which means even if you are on sleep or having a nap but intended to post something urgent; then leave it up to the Pilot poster!

Pilot Poster alternative is Safe Poster

Directing people to the website/blog could be costly, mainly when you are in some focused specialty. With the help of the Pilot Poster, you can also post to numerous Facebook groups and even increase the entire parcel of having free traffic.

Why we hate Pilot Poster?

If you are using Pilot Poster then you find that the Pilot Poster website is no more allowing to login or register in their website.The website is always down or unreachable everytime.If you managed to get registred and logged into their panel, you will find groups were not importing thats an another headache.So if groups are not importing then how can you say it is one of the best Facebook group poster isn’t it ?

So we have introduced Safe Poster, which works well and perform all the functions you need.The Design and Support is well planned so that you do not have to worry about posting.Safe Poster is fully A.I based where the tool know when to post and when to stop posting by complying with Facebook rules.

If you don’t understand how to create a Facebook group then this short article can help you about how to make a group on facebook easily. With the help of the Pilot Poster, you can even post to many Facebook groups and even boost the free traffic.

Pilot Poster isn’t merely a free app and yet we also additionally offer excellent free help to you. It also allows enabling you to develop the group! Take your online life marketing to another dimension with the help of Pilot Poster. All you need to do is that you should design your post, plan and then unwind. If you don’t know how to create a Facebook group then this article will help you to demonstrate how to create a group on facebook easily.

safeposter a pilotposter alternative

Posting To Hundreds of Facebook Groups All At Once

You can quickly post to some different Facebook Groups without a moment’s delay with the help of Pilot Poster. You should form or design your post, even set interims, also select your gatherings and then just hit the button POST. It is that simple and straightforward as you are not supposed to perform any tedious tasks with it.

With Pilot Poster Auto-poster, you cannot just post to a group you claim or oversee; it also lets you post to all the other Facebook groups that you are a part of. To post to any Facebook group, you should join such a group.

The pilot poster is the original auto poster that lets you Post Products to Facebook Sales groups. So, on the off chance that you have items to advertise on Facebook, you don’t have to run onto a costly Facebook battle, all you need is a Pilot Poster record and run it totally for free but charges money in the hidden form!

There are many benefits such as-

  1. There are Numerous Facebook Accounts permitted
  2. Also, you can sort Groups by Categories
  3. Facebook boycott free framework with one of a kind id’s attached to posts.


Separate Your Facebook Groups By Different Categories

You probably won’t accomplish the correct outcome by showing a decent post to the wrong group of the onlookers. We have made this critical/significantly less demanding with the Pilot Poster Group Category. By arranging gatherings, you can present the correct article on the privilege Facebook group of the onlookers.

So, all you need is to stress less over the gathering administrators supporting the post because with the correct post!

Say No to Ban! It is all sorted and covered

Nobody likes being spammed or into the plagiarism, and the same applies to Facebook. Also, the Facebook spam indicator bans account that abuses or even misuses its pre-set tenets. We comprehend the significant piece of this standard, and that is the reason there you can find the configuration Pilot Poster with such a considerable amount of highlights to dodge from being a boycott. There are several benefits too like

  1. An alternative to adding interesting ids to each post.
  2. An alternative to adding exceptional id’s to shared URLs
  3. Various Facebook accounts choice for record switch
  4. Checked Facebook Apps are utilized for posting.
  5. Get Spare And Schedule Posts

You can plan a high number of presents on presented on various occasions on various Facebook gatherings. You can also likewise spare posts as a draft that can be posted later or spare a submitted post on the reposted sometime in the future.

Moreover, the Pilot Poster offers you to Post Status for your Scheduled presents or figure out which was effective

You can easily set Posts on Auto Repeat

Pilot Poster let you set spot your post on total mechanics. You can distribute a post now and make the same post run each day, week, or month. This will give you a chance to concentrate on different parts of your business, and therefore you can handle the Facebook posting for you.

Post Insights and Statistics

Get continuous measurements on each post you distribute to Facebook. Pilot Poster understanding demonstrates you to how Facebook clients have drawn in with your post by giving you some Likes, Comments, and Clicks on each post you send to gatherings and pages.

In this way, you don’t need to experience each post to know how it had drawn in; rather than you get all information on a single dashboard as they occur.

Straightforward Facebook Auto Poster

Pilot Poster does not expect you to download a Facebook Auto poster programming; all your posting processes keep running on the cloud. So you don’t have to leave your PC hurrying to utilize this primary Facebook auto poster. All you need to do is to the timeline, log off your PC, and your posts will continue running.

It couldn’t have been more straightforward; this auto poster apparatus is easy to understand with a smooth and well-disposed structure. It is not necessary to be technically knowledgeable about utilizing Pilot Poster.

Alternative apps for Pilot Poster

Of course, there are not one but many other applications that have been serving for the upgrades for the application. Go through the below given alternative uses:

Safe Poster

Safe Poster is the perfect alternative and advance Facebook Poster and the original app developer of Pilot poster which have developed the Pilot Poster app. Safe Poster is a new and advanced app which have more features than the Pilot poster app is having.

From the month of March, Pilot poster app is no more able to import the Facebook groups but you can see Safe Poster is doing great and importing the groups on their platform. The unique feature of sharing links on Groups and Pages is easy and safe from banning. Safe Poster has bought several languages and posting as the page is ready to set on their platform, which you do not get on Pilot Poster.


With Buffer everything you do is put a couple of tweets in your Buffer, and the application plans them for you for the day on which they will be posted back.

Unique about the regular tweet booking applications, which are similar to Hootsuite’s or SocialOomph’swhich the other alternative applications, there is no compelling reason to plan every individual tweet. Fixed timeslots (which you can change as per the requirement) decide when buffered tweets achieve your adherents consistently. Everything you do is to fill your Buffer with tweets.

Notwithstanding utilizing the site, program expansions make it too easy to add tweets to your Buffer directly there from the article you need to share.


HootSuite is an internet based like the executive’s framework for branding. The framework’s UI appears as a dashboard and backings informal community reconciliations for various social media handles such as

  1. Twitter,
  2. Facebook,
  3. LinkedIn,
  4. Google+,
  5. Foursquare,
  6. MySpace,
  7. WordPress,
  8. TrendSpottr and
  9. Mixi.

Also, the Extra mixes can be easily accessible through including Instagram, HootSuite’s App Directory, MailChimp, Storify, Tumblr, Reddit, Vimeo, and YouTube. Some more benefits also include-

  1. Helps to manage various informal organizations
  2. Schedule messages and tweets
  3. Track brand specifies
  4. Analyze the web based life traffic

HubSpot Pilot Poster alternative

HubSpot is the world’s driving inbound showcasing and deals the stage with 15,000 clients more than almost more than 90 nations. Therefore, its popularity among the audience is quite enormous! HubSpot is the world’s driving inbound promoting various forms. Since 2006, HubSpot has been set to make the world increasingly inbound. Today, there are more than 15,000 clients more than 90 nations use.

HubSpot’s product, administrations, and backing to change how they draw in, connect with, and enchant clients. HubSpot’s inbound showcasing in programming, which is positioned number 1 in consumer loyalty by VentureBeat and G2Crowd, incorporates internet based life distributing and observing, blogging, SEO, site content administration, email advertising, promoting mechanics, and announcing an examination, across the board coordinated stage. It has been, en declared as one of the more useful website content. Sidekick, HubSpot’s honor winning deals application, empowers deals and administration groups to have progressively viable discussions with leads, prospects, and clients. HubSpot has its headquarter situated in Cambridge, also MA with an office in Dublin, Ireland, that has been perceived by Inc., Forbes, and Deloitte as one of the world’s quickest developing organizations.


Promote public is online networking showcasing fundamental to independent ventures, multi-area organizations, offices, specialists, advertisers and even franchisors – from substance creation to savvy spaces. You approach a substance library overflowing with almost more than 100,000 post thoughts, to mechanized planning and presenting on

  1. Facebook,
  2. Instagram,
  3. Twitter,
  4. Linkedin and
  5. Pinterest,

-To coordinated effort highlights for organizations, web based life observing instruments, and even white-mark alternatives.

Promote public is utilized by more than 12,000 private ventures, offices and advertisers around the world, and is exceedingly perceived by media organizations like

  1. The Next Web
  2. TechCrunch
  3. Social Media Today
  4. ChiefMarTec

Headquartered in 4 urban communities over the globe, promote public does not just give excellent live help to its clients, yet also esteems instructing our customers and the entire network with online foundations, courses, and the free week after week online classes.

With the PromoRepublic app you get:

  1. Content Library with 100,000 post layouts and visuals
  2. Drag-and-drop Graphics Editor to redo formats and make dazzling posts starting with no outside help
  3. Auto-presenting and planning for posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  4. Monitoring brand refers to on Google My Business, Yelp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  5. Integration with the other applications like Hootsuite, Yext, HubSpot, and Buffer
  6. Choosing the best occasions to post contingent upon the kind of substance your image needs.
  7. Collaboration and substance endorsement for organizations and consultants – Pilot Poster alternative

The application dlvr.It causes you to do social posts and free service in less time. Offer to different social systems without a moment’s delay. You can also post and timetable from anyplace. Connect with your groups of people all over the place.

The app made it overly necessary and helpful to include content from any page, or cell phone – use RSS channels, program expansions or email. Your socials remain full, and your gathering of people stays dynamic with the social feed.


Crowdfire is the greatest promoting item for Twitter and Instagram. The app is utilized by more than 10 million Twitter and Instagram clients and accessible on the web, Android and as well as theiOS. It also gives the bright highlights that ensure the development of social media.


Stacker makes it simple to Publish and Reply over different Social Media accounts without a moment’s delay.

With the help of the Stacker application, you can…

  1. Schedule post to be distributed on the best occasions for the day
  2. Reply to clients who write on your divider, @reply or @mention you
  3. Invite partners to enable you to deal with your social records
  4. Analyze point by point insights on your fan-base and the substance you distribute

Sprout Social – Pilot Poster alternative

Sprout Social is a social media the board stage utilized by driving organizations over the globe to expand the productivity of their showcasing social endeavors, community building, and client support using social channels, for example, take the social media handles like Facebook or Twitter.

Sprout Social is headquartered in the Chicago, Illinois, where our group of enthusiastic and capable representatives works eagerly for our clients to keep on setting the pace in the market. Sprout Social was established in 2010 and is sponsored by the endeavor assets of Light-bank and NEA.

So, if you are looking for applications that allow you to post on different social media groups then end your search. The apps allow you to save the posts. It will enable you to timeline as per the schedule.

Apart from the Pilot Poster above given are the website and the applications that will help to curb the needs. You can learn to post on different social media groups if on Facebook or using any other social media handle too.

Web and Android support the applications so you can easily download it and then get it along with a single go without any delay. With easy to use graphical user interface using the above-given application is easy and much fun. You can download it from the given sources and link, as it acquires no hassle but make sure you follow the guidelines and the restriction of facebook so that you do not get blocked in facebook and if you get blocked in facebook make sure you know about facebook jail,if you don’t know then check how to bypass facebook jail so that it does not harm your business.


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