Automatic Posting to Facebook Groups using Safe Poster

There are often times when we want to post something on a group automatically. Even sometimes, we want to post the same thing to multiple Facebook groups automatically. So the question is how automatic posting to facebook group and facebook pages actually works?

As you already know that managing and posting content on multiple Facebook groups is a tough job to do. So there are quite a lot of people who secretly wishes that if they can automate the whole thing. And yes, it is possible. But the question is how you can post to multiple facebook groups automatically?

Well if you have the same question in your mind. Then here is an answer to that question. For this job, we are going to use safeposter.com. However, in case if you have no idea about what this tool is all about. Don’t worry, let me explain it to you and help you to schedule your post on Facebook groups and pages.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

What is safeposter.com?

Safeposter.com is one of the best tools for automatic posting to facebook group and help you saving time and energy and post your message in groups and pages. The auto poster tool comes with quite a lot of features. Plus, you cannot only use the tool to post automatically on Facebook groups. But the tool also allows you to post automatically on your pages.

However, the tool is not completely free. With the free version of the facebook group auto poster tool, you will only be able do 30 posts a day. As well as it has 30 days of validity. Moreover, you can connect 2 Facebook accounts and you can join up to 30 groups. As well as you get 10 MB of upload storage.If you upgrade your plan then you can add multiple facebook accounts and post simultaneously on several groups.

But in case, if you need additional features, you can go for a paid version of the tool. The good part is that the paid version of the tool is quite affordable and saves your pocket while auto post to facebook group. There are total four plans, including the free one. These plans are the Free, Basic Plan, Lifetime Plan and Desktop Plan. All of these plans come with different features and pricing. So make sure to check them out before you finalize getting the paid version of the tool.

Top Features Of Safeposter.com:

Auto Post RSS to Social Media

With the help of this tool, you will be able to connect RSS feeds to all your social media profiles. And once you are done doing so, you will be able to auto post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites easily. As well as the tool allows you to share photos, articles, videos across all the social media platform with zero effort.

Automatically Recycle Social Media Posts

The tool also helps you to automatically recycle your best social media updates. You can easily do so by adding your articles, blog posts, and photos to EverQueue. After that, once the tool is posted the content, it will throw the content right back into EverQueue. So it can again post the same content in the future.

Bulk Social Media Post Scheduler

In the end, it comes with the Bulk Social Media post scheduler feature. It can search across Twitter, Facebook, and the web for the top articles, blog posts, and photos. Then it can instantly import and schedule 100+ tweets and Facebook posts into your social media queue. Customize your posts with hashtags, attribution, and more.

How to Enable Automatic Posting To Facebook Group?

Step 1: First of all, go to the www.safeposter.com website.


Step 2: Over there, you will find Sign Up button, simply click on that.

Step 3: After that, you will need to create an account. For this, you will need to use your email and create an account on Safe Poster.


Step 4: After that, it will send you a verification email, simply verify the email by going to your Inbox.

Step 5: After that, use your username and password to login to your account.

Step 6: Once you are on the dashboard, you will need to go to the Facebook accounts option.

facebook accounts.PNG

Step 7: Once you go to the option, you will find a plus icon. Simply click on that.

plus icon.PNG

Step 8: Next, you will find a popup where it will ask you to login to your Facbeook account. Simply follow the steps.

fb login.PNG

Step 9: Once you add your account, you will get all the details associated with your account. After that simply go to the Home page of the dashboard.

Step 10: From the homepage, you will need to go to Create a Message option. Now let me just talk about them one by one. First of all you will find a post as a page option. Simply click on that and it will switch to Post As a User option. However, if you want to continue with the post as a page option you are welcome.

post as a uer.PNG

Step 11: Then you will get to see the message box, over here simply type down the message you would like to share. message.PNG

Step 12: After that, you will find the post interval settings. Over here do the settings according to your requirements and you are all set to move to the next part.

post interval.PNG

Step 13: In the end, if you scroll down a bit, you will find all the groups you are connected with. Simply select the groups where you would like to post. Even the tool allows you to post on your pages as well as your own timeline. So select the groups and scroll up and hit the send now button and you are all set to go.

Final Words:

So that was all for automatic posting to facebook group. Now go ahead and check the tool out and see how it is working for you. Also, you must remember the fact that it can only post in those groups which you have created or you are a moderator. Else, it is not possible. You should also keep in mind about the Facebook ban which may leads your account to stop working for a temporary period of time.If you are looking for the alternatives then we are having an amazing article which describes about the alternative apps and the best apps for social marketing.

How do you schedule a post on facebook

Choose the best timing for posting and choose the week or month where your audience will get attracted to your posts.

Anyway, now it is your call to go ahead and check safeposter.com and see how this website is working for you. Also, for any questions do comment below.


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