How to post in unlimited Groups ?

When you register in our app, you will be in the free account, and you can post a maximum of 30 posts per day as a trial account. If you want to post in unlimited groups per day, then you need to upgrade to our premium plans.

When you are upgraded to premium, you are allowed to post unlimited, and our premium plans come with image and video upload features so you can also upload images and videos directly in our server and share in Facebook easily.

What is Facebook Jail?

Facebook Jail is the general term of Facebook Block last for 24 hours or more by Facebook depending upon the activity of the Facebook users or the Facebook Page.Facebook blocks for temporary or permanent and again unblocked within 21 Days automatically.Generally the users face the problem while posting in the facebook groups too frequently without using any interval time.If you are using the automation app then you should learn how to utilize those apps correctly so that you do not get blocked or jailed in Facebook.

Before going to post unlimited and make viral, make sure you use spintax format and read the safety guides so that you won’t get blocked in facebook.Addition to it , you should always use the URL shortner to avoid getting your money site blocked in facebook while sharing a link.

We have also cover some of the best ideas to post on Facebook which might help you in posting on Facebook groups or Fanpages.

You should keep in mind the best time to post on facebook which increases the reach to maximum and more visibility among the Facebook groups member.

Finally, head over the plans to upgrade and post unlimited in Facebook groups.

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